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Why is my ball python so active? Unique snake pet!

The question is why is my ball python so active? Have you noticed that your ball python is moving around more than usual. Generally showing more activity than you’re used to seeing? While some snake species tend to be more active, ball pythons are generally happiest. When they can curl up in one place and […]

Bearded dragon sleeping in the corner: Logical reason!

As you watch your bearded dragon. You may notice that it does strange things that leave questions in your mind. Is a bearded dragon sleeping in the corner normal behavior? It is usual for a bearded dragon to sleep in a corner, especially if it is a baby or a Brum. But, if it is […]

best free website builders

Best Free Website Builders of ALL Time!

Setting up a website has become easy, and a not so difficult task. So has having a few website builders at your disposal is more important than ever. In these coming years of tech, site-building is in comparison a painless experience. Nowadays, you don’t have to remember complex codes like HTML and FTP. But, the […]

Casper Dog Bed

Are French Fries Safe for Dogs?

This is a common question because a lot of people want to share a french fry or two with their dog. But most humans eat french fries once in a while, so can dogs eat french fries too, too? Don’t make the mistake of thinking fries are good dog treats! Fries by themselves are fine […]

Different Types of Elisa Assays and Their Application Within the Medical Fields

The immunological assay that is commonly used in the medical industry to measure antigens, proteins, antibodies, and glycoproteins in laboratory samples is the enzyme known as Elisa Assay. When certain conditions are diagnosed, examples of which include pregnancy tests or HIV infections and cytokines measurement, for instance, these assays are generally used. They allow for […]

Top 4 dog breeds to adopt. french-bulldog

Top 4 dog breeds to adopt: What is the most popular dog breed 2022?

Congratulations! It looks like you are finally ready to add a new member to your family, adopting a dog is a big step and why wouldn’t it be? You are about to find your new best friend. Having a dog in your life has a lot of amazing benefits, you’ll get unconditional love, devoted companionship, […]

Yozakura Quartet Manga

Yozakura Quartet Manga to Enter Final Arc 2022

Yozakura Quartet is a manga series written and drawn by Suzuhito Yasuda. The series was published by Kodansha at the start. After that, the publication was continued by Del Ray in the US. The series has an anime adaptation too along with three OVAs. Suzuhito has provided character designs for many series. He also has […]

jojo bizarre adventure

Is Jojo's Bizarre Adventure Worth Watching in 2022?

Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure is a fantasy adventure shonen anime. As the name suggests, this shonen battle anime is quite bizarre. The odd but unique art style of Jojo, the power system, and abilities are what make Jojo the ‘Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure’. The show takes you on a journey with jojos of each part and you […]

SQL Server 2017 Standard

SQL Server 2017 Standard: What It Is, Enhancements, and More!

SQL Server 2017 Standard is a powerful, scalable database software designed for the cloud. This article provides information on what this new version of SQL Server has to offer and how it can be useful to you. In addition to providing a high-performance database engine, SQL Server 2017 Standard includes tools for data warehousing, business […]