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Ryomen sukuna from jujutsu kaisen real or myth: Check them out!

What about Ryomen sukuna? The word Ryomen Sukyna means “two-sided spirits.” If you try to put the word into an online translator, you’ll get “double-sided inns.” So it’s not hard to figure out that “Ryomen” means two-sided and Sukuna means an inn or some accommodation. Another meaning of Ryomen sukuna suits the name more. Bringing Ryomen and Sukuna together should refer to a two-faced spirit. That kills other evil spirits. It explains why Sukuna is hostile towards others. The cursed spirits rather than humans in the anime.

Furthermore, Ryomen-sukuna is a symbol of twins and brothers. So it refers to Oousu no Mikoto and Osu no Mikoto. The Yamato Takeru no Mikoto and his brother). Are twins in ancient Japanese history. Ryomen-sukuna refers to Emperor Chuai’s sons, Kagosaka no Miko and Oshikuma no Mikoto. Both brothers related to the provinces of Mino and Hida.

Characteristics of Ryomen sukuna:

Ryomen-sukuna had two faces on the front and back of his head. Like Janus in Roman mythology, and two pairs of arms and legs; each pair was on the front and back of the body. The height varies from 3.03 to 54.54 meters depending on. The descriptions, but she was still much taller than the average Japanese person at the time. He had a bow, arrow, and sword in his hands. It was bright and had superhuman strength.

Vestiges of Ryomen sukuna:

Ryomen-sukuna appeared in Hida Province. Where he disobeyed the Imperial Court and caused suffering to the people. Still, in 377, the Imperial Court sent a military commander. Is Takefurukuma no Mikoto, to drive Ryomen-sukuna out of the province.

Ryomen sukuna of real life history in Nihon shoki:

Ryomen Sukuna appears in Nihon Shoki. It is a historical book written in 720, and he described as a demon who commits terrible wrongs. Ryoma Sukuna in Nihon Shoki has 8 arms and legs and two faces on both the front and back. The kanji RYO means “both sides,” and MEN means mask or face, so the word RYOMEN refers to his two faces. Moreover, he fought with two swords and two sets of bows and arrows. He was very strong and agile. But subdued by Takefurukumanomikoto, a warrior who served the then emperor.

Ryomen sukuna of the mythology of legends in Gifu prefecture:

  • Ryomen Sukuna said to originate from Gifu Prefecture in Japan. And there are many mythologies and folklore about Sukuna. In this area, he is not a demon but described as a local hero.
  • In Niagara, he was the embodiment of a god and built a temple. Pictured below is the “Zenkyuji” temple with a statue of Ryomen Sukuna.
  • He was a local warrior in the Kanayamacho area. And died in battle against Takefurukumanomikoto. It is the same as Nihon Shoki but is not described as a demon.
  • In the Sekishishimono area. He was an extraordinary person with two faces and four arms. And exterminated a poisonous dragon.
  • , Ryomen Sukuna respected as a great warrior in the Gifu region. the real Ryomen Sukuna was a local hero, but he went against the emperor and portrayed himself as a villain.
  • In Gifu Prefecture, there is a temple built by Ryomen Sukunou. According to legend, he defeated a dragon that harmed people and built. A temple in the place where the dragon lived. It is Nichiryubuji, and you can see the statue of Ryomen Sukuna.


This article clarified and knowledgeable. About Ryomen sukuna life history or mythology. Jujutsu Kaisen tends towards the Shonen genre. So if Sukuna turns out to be good, the show should reveal an enemy much more powerful than Sukuna. At this point, it seems unlikely that he would become good at Jujutsu Kaisen.