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Privacy Policy

  1. We are providing extra services like Content writing, SEO writing, Affiliate content writing, Product descriptions and Blogs.
  2. Our writing rates start from 0.037$ per word till 1$ per word (depends upon the technicality and research), rates for bulk words will be 500w/13-25$, 1000w/22 – 55$, 1500w/33-69$, 2000+w/79-119$ and so on.
  3. If you hire us for more than 3500+ words, than we will negotiate within your budget range as per your demand.
  4. All payments will be advance, and if we are unable to fulfil the requirements, we will refund it back.
  5. If the client takes work from us and return it after 3hours and ask for a refund we will not refund any money. You have to check articles within the time frame of 3 hours.
  6. Service like Ads on our website is also provided, you can either hire us for weekly basis or monthly basis. (we will share our stats report like traffic value, daily traffic details)
  7. We also offer Guest post service on our website as well as several other websites high DA and PA.
  8. Rates will vary as per the website’s, but for our website, it will start from 10$ to 100$ per post.
  9. If you want to check others guest posting websites details send us an email on trendingblog4u@gmail.com, we will share the list.
  10. Guest posting on our website will take 1 to 10 days, and for other customs sites, it will be like 30 to 60 days maximum.
  11. If we are unable to provide you, any guest posts (Do-follow or No follow), we will refund back all the money.