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Bearded dragon sleeping in the corner: Logical reason!

As you watch your bearded dragon. You may notice that it does strange things that leave questions in your mind. Is a bearded dragon sleeping in the corner normal behavior?
It is usual for a bearded dragon to sleep in a corner, especially if it is a baby or a Brum. But, if it is a sudden change or accompanied by other symptoms. A bearded dragon sleeping in a corner may be cause for concern.
In this article, we will delve deeper into. The strange sleeping

Bearded dragon sleeping in the corner

positions of bearded dragons. What the causes may be seeing your beardie resting in the corner of the enclosure may seem sad. But there is often nothing to worry about.

Is corner sleeping cause for concern?

If a bearded dragon sleeping in the corner seems sluggish, then this should be cause for concern. Lethargy is best described as a bearded dragon staying in one place for days at a time. And not responding to stimuli. (The brumation, discussed in the next section, is an exception to this rule.) But, if a bearded dragon stays in one place for a day or bearded dragon sleeping in the corner. So, and if it seems to respond to changes in its environment, it should be fine.
If your pet has other symptoms. Such as swollen joints, lack of appetite, shedding problems, or poor stools. This may or show underlying health or environmental issue. The most many possibilities are dehydration, colder temperatures, too high temperatures, and stress.
Other potential problems are malnutrition, impaction, and parasitic infections. These issues discussed in detail in the next section.
Finally, finally bearded dragon sleeping in a corner may point to the above problems if it is a sudden change. Brumming may be to blame, but it can also or show lethargy and sudden illness.

Reasons why bearded dragons may sleep in the corner:


bearded dragon sleeping in the corner

The biggest (and harmless) reason a bearded dragon. That might bearded dragon sleeping sleep in the corner. Seem lazy for a few days, and stop eating is brumation. Not all bearded dragons experience brumation; but, this is a common issue. Like hibernation, this habit lasts from a few days to a few weeks. And is a normal part of the bearded dragon’s seasonal cycle. It usually occurs during the fall and winter months when temperatures drop. They seek out the corner of the terrarium because it is more relaxed, and they feel safe.


Brumation is one of the few cases where cooling the terrarium by turning off. The heat lamp is acceptable and recommended. Additionally, you should not feed your bearded dragon during brooding. As the food may start to rot because its digestive system is not functional. But, make sure you continue to supply fresh water.
Because bearded dragons do not eat. During their brumation period, it is common for them to lose weight. If you concerned about your bearded dragon sleeping in the corner and bearded dragon’s weight loss. You can weigh him once a week, which won’t disturb him too much if you weigh him quick. If a bearded dragon’s weight loss is significant more than 4 grams. It may have parasites or a similar disease.


Another common problem, dehydration, can be problematic. If prolonged but fortunate has a simple solution. A dehydrated bearded dragon sleep in the corner, will have excessive stretched and wrinkled skin. Sunken eyes, lack of appetite, and lethargy. This lethargy causes them to sleep more often and in odd places like the corner of the terrarium. To help your pet recover, spray the terrarium and make sure you provide safe water regular.
Chlorinated water is an example of water. That is not safe; the water you provide must be de-chlorinated. Also, even if you’re doing everything right. Your bearded dragon can be picky about drinking water if you’re supplying it from a bowl. , water dispensers are available online and at many pet stores.


When the temperature in a bearded dragon’s terrarium is too cold or too hot. It can either slow down and thus sleep in a corner or find a cool place like a corner to get away from the heat. To check this problem, you may need to invest in a thermometer. Your bearded dragon’s terrarium should be 80-90ºF in the cool area and 95-110ºF in the hot spot. Additionally, you may need to invest in better heat lamps (described in the next section).


Additionally, stress can manifest itself in lethargy in a bearded dragon sleeping in the corner. Common culprits run problems, loud noises, or excessive handling. (they don’t like to be handle but tolerate it by their owner). Because bearded dragons are solitary. Sharing a terrarium with other dragons also causes stress. For this reason, you should house them alone unless. You want to put two bearded dragons together to breed them. Pets, like dogs and cats, also find cage walks stressful. So if possible, put your bearded dragon in a room where pets can’t go.


Bearded dragons who experience sedation experience discomfort while breaded dragon sleeping in the corner. Leading them to bearded dragon sleeping in the corner of their cage. At the beginning of impaction, the main symptom is difficulty with bowel movements.
A bearded dragon may also have a bloated belly, weight loss, and strange bumps on its back. If the problem continues, your bearded dragon may have a clumsy gait, shaky hind legs. And paralyzed front legs.
To prevent impaction or help resolve mild symptoms. Ensure the heating temperature is correct. And give your bearded dragon a shallow, warm bath to encourage the impaction to pass. If your bearded dragon has an enchantment. You can change his diet by adding softer foods. Such as pumpkin and warm (sugar-free) baby foods.


Your bearded dragon may be lethargic and sleeping in a corner due to malnutrition. Because the bearded dragon has a particular diet, you can feed it the wrong foods. For example, it only needs a limited source of protein. It requires fruits and vegetables. Crickets tend to have higher fat levels. So you should only feed them baby bearded dragons if possible (as noted by CY-Fair Animal Hospital).
Of the vegetables, he should never eat items like spinach, avocado, and rhubarb. Some vegetables a bearded dragon can eat red leaf lettuce and mustard greens. For more ideas on what to feed your bearded dragon, feel free to check out this site. Finally, your bearded dragon may have parasites. While this is unlikely, if your bearded dragon struggles to gain or loses weight. He may have this problem. Another common symptom of parasites is diarrhea and bad stools.

Heat lamps and sleep for bearded dragons:

The wrong temperature can cause your bearded dragon to sleep in the corner. One of the biggest culprits is improper lighting, which can be too warm, too cool, or provided at the wrong time.
Although it’s essential to have a heat lamp to keep them warm, you also need to ensure you don’t leave the light on at night. During this time, your bearded dragon sleeping in the corner. And bright lighting can interrupt his sleep cycle. If you concerned about temperatures dropping too low. A ceramic heat radiator and a heating pad under the cage can provide enough warmth. (don’t use red night lights as they can still see the morning). At the same time, but, temperatures need to be slight more relaxed. At night (70 to 75°F), or your bearded dragon will become too hot, disrupting his sleep cycle that is why prefer bearded dragon sleeping in the corner.
Cold temperatures can also disrupt sleeping habits. If the temperature in the room, where you have your dragon enclosure. Drops below 66 degrees F. Which use a ceramic heat emitter for the UVB light and lamp you already have.
If you don’t have a lamp that provides UVA light, your bearded dragon may lack appetite and be lethargic. Over time, this can lead to more severe problems, such as metabolic bone disease. Metabolic bone disease can cause weakness, swelling, and other lack of appetite. To avoid this problem, ensure your bearded dragon gets enough calcium and vitamin D3 in its diet.
Finally, the terrarium needs a dedicated, excellent space. Otherwise, your bearded dragon sleeping in the dragon will have nowhere to cool off. As a result, it will seek more fabulous places to sleep, such as a corner. You can create a great space by having the UVB lamp. And the heat lamp on the same side so that the heat only covers 2/3 of the enclosure.

Other weird sleeping habits of bearded dragon:

Bearded dragons sleeping in the corner – about 8 to 12 hours a night. When they get warm in the summer, they can sleep up to 14 hours a night. Because they sleep so sound, their breathing can slow down to the point. Where they appear dead at first glance, and their skin color can lighten. But, this is entire normal.
Bearded dragons sleeping in the corner at odd positions. For example, they may sleep vertical when leaning against an object. Although this is a strange and fun habit, there is nothing to worry about.
Finally, bearded dragons sleeping in the corner tend to burrow under the sand of their terrarium. Although this is usually normal, healthy behavior. It can mean that the bearded dragon sleeping in the corner in stressed and trying to hide. It can also be too cold.


I hope that clears everything up. Your bearded dragon sleeping in the corner loves sleeping at the corner compared to the other section. But sleeping and hiding out in the corner could also result. In various behavioral and health issues.

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