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best free website builders

Setting up a website has become easy, and a not so difficult task. So has having a few website builders at your disposal is more important than ever. In these coming years of tech, site-building is in comparison a painless experience. Nowadays, you don’t have to remember complex codes like HTML and FTP. But, the real enigma is to search for the right website builder amid the options available in the market.
As you know, there is a good deal of site makers who propose free plans for you to create your website. And since they embed in the cloud, you don’t even have to worry about web storage. What you only need is a computer and a web browser such as, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, or Microsoft Edge.


As mentioned earlier, creating your website is not that difficult. But where there are pros, there sure are cons.
Having your website can bring benefits to your business, such as:

  • Broader demographic range
  • Business reliability
  • 24/7 availability
  • Client comfort
  • Growing sales
  • Competitive possibility
  • Establishing a consumer base
  • Focused advertising


While creating your website you may face many problems, such as:

  • Expert features of web design won’t match
  • You are not an expert.
  • Time-consuming
  • A whole load of effort
  • fewer resources


The best free website builders are available on the internet, such as:

It is a modernistic site with some restrictions. After the remodeling of the site, there was an addition of chic and flexible themes. Operating with Webnode is very instinctive. Plus you even have the option of improving the plan. Webnode proposes an affordable variant at 2.95 euros per month. Permitting you to use a domain name you already own and to get in touch with their bonus support. Moreover, there is no page limit and alterations are acceptable in SEO settings.

  • Wix: (King of A.I. Powered website Builders)

The greatest platform out of all the other website builders is Wix. In comparison, they have more users than any other site builder. It includes exceptional particularities and outstanding templates. Wix doesn’t even have any limitations on the free plan with regard to the features and templates. On desktop computers, they place an evident ad at the top of your website that stays even when you are scrolling. It proposes an affordable variant at 8.50 euros per month. Moreover, they have a broad app market with 500 MBs of free webspace. It is by far the easiest to work with out of all the other website builders in the freemium marketplace. It also offers no page limit with SEO personalization.

Weebly is one of the biggest site builders in the market and striking a top rank in the market. Weebly doesn’t offer free plans, due to the evident ad in the website’s footer that even exercises a hover effect. Keeping it general, Weebly is a very ethical product, which proposes great convenience. Moreover, it sines bright due to its responsive themes and the app center with add-ons. It also provides with 500MBs of free webspace. Plus there is no limit on pages and SEO settings accept changes.

Site123 alleges to be a website builder which is not so difficult to use. This is because their tool handling is easy. It has some aesthetic-looking themes that are all responsive. It offers a low-cost variant at 9.80 dollars per month. It also includes a primary e-commerce store as well as an email advertising tool. Moreover, it provides a good option for plugins.

Mozello is a Latvian company that permits you to build a multilingual website for free. The variety of features comprises a blog, an online store, and ethical SEO selection. The exciting part is that the advertisement is only a link in the footer which is ignorable by most of the viewers. Mozello moreover, provides 500MBs of free web storage.

Strikingly is a site builder from California. It quotes, “Don’t lose your visitors under the weight of a heavy, confusing website”. That’s why they prefer to place all the content on a single page. They have some pretty-looking templates to select from. Plus, the website editor is not that complicated to understand, even for beginners. It also charges a lot with at least 16 dollars per month.

IM Creator has many modern templates sorted by classes making it easier to search for what you need. It is one of the very few technical website builders out there. Their designs are mobile responsive. You can even personalize their look by using their phones and tablets. Their analogy to design sites is different in a certain way. They don’t have a range of elements (e.g. headline, text, images, icons, etc.) to combine to make a design. Instead, they have pre-designed segments that you can merge. This makes it less compromising. But also decreases the possibility to jumble your design up.

Jimdo is a collective framework of German website builders which is a worthwhile choice for global companies. It gives an option to create your site in nine different languages.
This site is also responsive to smartphones and tablets. Plus there’s a mobile app you can use to build a mobile-customized site, as well. It offers no page limit and 500 MBs of space. It gives HTTPS/SSL encryption, meaning, your visitor’s information will have full security. Moreover, with this site, you’re able to blend with social media accounts.
Apart from the website builders mentioned above, the market is full of other options. Free website building seems fascinating. But one should be beware of the fact that it limits the feature available to you. But the best part is none of the builders mentioned have a limit on their free plan. So, what are you waiting for?
Go now, and choose the best one for you out of the countless options for modern website builders.
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