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Yozakura Quartet Manga to Enter Final Arc 2022

Yozakura Quartet Manga

Yozakura Quartet is a manga series written and drawn by Suzuhito Yasuda. The series was published by Kodansha at the start.
After that, the publication was continued by Del Ray in the US.
The series has an anime adaptation too along with three OVAs.
Suzuhito has provided character designs for many series. He also has made illustrations for different shows.

Yozakura Quartet Manga 2022.

Some of his works include illustrations for “Durarara!!”, “Devil Survivor, DIVE!!”, “Ai Tenchi Muyo!” And Is “It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon?”
Suzuhito tweeted on Twitter about the continuation of the series. The 28th volume of the series was released recently in January 2022. With the continuation of the series, the manga has entered its final arc and soon will reach its end.
About 166 chapters have been released so far and the next chapters will be released in March 2022.
Plot: Humans and Yokai coexist in the town Sakurashin. The safety of the people of the town is assured by a team of four teenagers. Each of them has unique supernatural abilities. The story shows how they help and protect the people of the town while fighting evil.
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