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The Next Season to a Promised Neverland

The Promised Neverland Season 2 Leaked!

Our season one revolved around a redhead named Emma, and two boys called Norman & Ray. The next season is sure to knock your socks off.

They were staying with thirty-five other kids at a human farm. Kids they knew as their siblings. The farm constructed to rear children to be sold and fed as food to a demon race. One which refers to themselves as the higher species.
All three, Emma, Norman, and Ray are highly intelligent and are the main characters in the family of unrelated yet related kids. The story carries on with a blend of both excitement and thrill of the plot.
next season for the anime series
Going on and about, with twists and turns. At every turn. At every moment as the story progresses onwards. The story of the kids that uncover the deepest secret of the place they resided.
Soon, planning to escape into the world outside. The real one for the fact which shortly unveiled a home utterly new to them. Entirely alien for them.

The Next Season remains a mystery

The so-called house of Grace Field for the Orphaned soon comes out to be a house of horrors.
Season two leaks and the release date has enticed a lot of anime lovers—more than the previous season.

The next season’s fresh leaks entail the story of the time when they are surviving and trusting isn’t an option no more. The Ecstacy it created and the next season carries around is mind-boggling. Surviving and feeling the excitement one feels, the thrill of being accessible and out of bounds. All is the new cool in this next season.

Not much was revealed by the trailer of the next season—a lot of a grey areas that left viewers restless. But for what has been deducted by the Manga-obsessed crowd. It is deducted that this one is based on the basic instinct of survival and sustenance in the real world—avoiding the sight of demons.
“Staying as a pack. Surviving as one.”

The date of release is somewhere between January 2021.
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