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10 Anime Characters Who Chose Revenge Over Forgiveness

anime characters who chose revenge over forgiveness

This article presents a list of anime characters who chose revenge over forgiveness. Read it thoroughly to reveal some striking details about them.
We have often seen kind and forgiving anime characters who always choose to forgive the bad guys. Such characters don’t seek vengeance. Those are our average kind-hearted main characters, but have you ever seen the exact opposite of this? If not, let us familiarize you with some here.
If you want to explore those who ended up earning bad reputation, this blog post should be the one you’re looking for!

10 Anime Characters who Chose Revenge over Forgiveness

 1-Sasuke Uchiha From Naruto

Sasuke is one of the last surviving members of the Uchiha Clan. His goal in most of the anime is to get revenge for his clan. In the series, he trains hard to become more powerful than his older brother Itachi so that he can kill him and avenge his kin. Because it was Itachi who massacred his entire clan and family.

2- Masamune Makabe From Masamune-kun No Revenge

The main character of the series, Masamune Makabe, was rejected by the girl he liked when he was a chubby kid and was heartbroken. After some years, he becomes a stunning young man. When he starts high school, he coincidentally meets the same girl there and decides to take revenge by breaking her heart.

3- Lelouch vi Britannia From Code Geass

Lelouch was the Eleventh Prince of the Holy Britannian Empire, his mother was murdered in front of his eyes when he was a child. In the series, he seeks to avenge his mother and destroy the people of the empire that chased him and his sister away.

4- Eren Jaeger From Attack on Titan

Eren is the main character of Attack on titan. Eren has a great thirst for vengeance against the titans because his mother was eaten in front of him by a titan.

5- Guts from Berserk

Guts were born and raised on a battlefield, he had no friends and family, that was until he found a group of people and the group’s leader Griffith. But Griffith later sacrificed everyone and left only Guts alive. Guts consumed by revenge goes on a journey to find Griffith and avenge his friends.

6- Kurapika From Hunter X Hunter

Kurapika’s tribe was massacred when he was young and, is the last surviving member. He seeks Vengeance against the Phantom troupe, the group of people who slaughtered his tribe.

7- Afro From Afro Samurai

When he was a child his father was decapitated in front of his own eyes. He will cut down anyone who comes between his path to avenge his father.

8- Scar From Fullmetal Alchemist

The poor man’s country was destroyed by alchemists and so was anyone he loved. He was the lone survivor of his homeland. He seeks vengeance against Alchemists and hunts them down.

9- Lucy From Elfen Lied

Being mistreated in a government testing facility, she holds great anger against everyone who held her captive. She will kill anything or anyone in her way.

10- Clare From Claymore

Clare didn’t have what you would call a great childhood, the death of her parents and other loved ones lead her to become a claymore. With a great thirst for vengeance, it’s not a surprise that she loves killing monsters.
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