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How to lose belly fat effectively within 30 days

how to remove belly fat

How to lose belly fat effectively within 30 days

how to lose belly fat effectively
So it’s half past 2021, and still, we are in the era of Covid 19. In this whole episode of Covid 19, lockdown and quarantine, one thing remains constant. That is our weight gain.
Less to zero physical activity, bondage to bed with addictive Netflix series, no social gatherings, and virtual life; all these things lead to anxiety, stress, and depression. 
Which ended in a stressful eating disorder. 90% of the people have gain weight in 2020 – 2021, according to a community survey.
Eventually, we all end up with a question, How to lose belly fast?
I know you all wish to lose weight with magic like in fairy tales. Don’t panic; it’s not that difficult too!
I will help you out and provide an effective losing belly fat criteria by which you can able to gain your figure back or even get a new figure. You just have to rub a healthy lifestyle magic lamp; Clean eating, portion control, and exercise genie will help you.
Before jumping on the ways to lose fat, let’s get into some basics.

What is Belly Fat?

Fat is the fuel/ energy resource for the body. The human body uses fats stored in the body to perform all activities. 
According to researches, the human body should have certain levels of fat.

Category Fat Percentage
necessary fat 10-13%
Athletes 14-20%
Fitness 21-24%
Acceptable 25-31%
Obesity >32%

When should you consider yourself losing Belly Fat? 

The fat percentage for men and women is different, and these check through BMI (body mass index). 
Calculate your BMI and get checked with this chart.

Categories BMI
Underweight: > 18.5
Normal weight 18.5 – 24.9
Overweight 25 – 29.9
Obese: >30

Some people naturally carry more weight, prominently in their midsection area (belly), than others.
Women tend to carry more weight in their lower area, hips, and legs, while men tend to have their weight around the abdomen.
You might think that belly fat is more dangerous than other fat on your body.
Don’t panic. In this article, you will get to know how to lose your belly fat effectively with lower abdomen exercises and full-body cardio exercises.

How to Lose Belly Fat?

As discussed above, Belly fat is fat around the abdomen. Its subcutaneous fat; the fat that sits under the skin.
It can be loose with a healthy lifestyle with regular exercise, which focuses on the lower abdomen area and core.

Exercises to Lose Belly Fat

Spot reduction can never be made alone. It must have incorporated with other body part moves. And to lose belly fat effectively, you have to do full-body cardio exercises with lower abdomen exercises.

Cardio exercises to lose Belly Fat effectively

The moves increase your heart rate and make you breathless. Boosting up calories reduction is Cardio Exercise.

  1. Boost your stamina with Burpees

Burpees are full-body cardio exercises, engaging your core, shoulder, hip, and leg muscles. Hence, giving your whole body a boost to lose belly fat effectively.
It’s a plyometric move, combining three movements; squat, jump, and plank.

  1. Dip your hip in Squat Jumps

Regular Squat moves focus lower abdomen and hip muscles. But to make it explosive, add a jump to it. 
Squat jump is a great lower abdomen exercise to lose belly fat. But, It can be risky and damaging if your posture is not accurate in this lower abdomen exercise. 
While squatting, put your body weight on heels, and your knees should align with your ankle. 
It’s recommended to first master plain squats and then add a hop to it.

  1. Core exercise for belly fat; Plank jacks

Regular plank is a core strengthening move. Adding hop makes it a cardio move. In short, it’s a full-body cardio exercise engaging your core to lose belly fat.

  1. Feel like climbing with Mountain climbers

 Like climbing mountains, the mountain climber is a strenuous full-body cardio exercise. Engaging all body muscles and challenging stamina.

  1. Jump on boxes for Box jumps 

The box jump is an explosive lower abdomen exercise. Jump on a stool or wooden box of medium height, land in a squat, and jump back to a standing position.
It’s a bomb full-body cardio exercise challenging your stamina to lose belly fat.
People with back pain and knee pain should avoid it. It may cause severe damage to you.

Core Exercises to lose belly fat effectively

Opposite to cardio, any exercise that engages your abdominal and back muscles at a slow pace (without any jumps and hops) counts as a Core Exercise.

  1. Tap and reach in Plank

The longest one minute you feel; microwave oven and plank

The king of all core exercises for the Belly Fat; plank. Lying reverse on a flat surface on shoulder and toes with a flat back. Engaging core muscles. 
Start holding a plank for a min and increase time day by day as per your stamina strength.
Make it more challenging by going on to elbows, tapping on to opposite shoulders, reaching forward, and plank walk.

  1. Explosive core exercise for Belly Fat; Hollowman 

Its isometric move means no move, staying still. Hold this bomb move for a min after a full-body cardio exercise and put your core on fire.

  1. Raise calorie burn with Leg Raises

Leg raises mainly focus on the lower abdomen area. Its core tightening and lower abdomen exercise to lose belly fat effectively. 
Raise your leg on different levels 45 degrees, 30 degrees, and 90 degrees. Do a cycle of 30 or 20 reps and feel the burn in your belly pouch.

  1. Sit with Butterfly sit-ups

Reminisce your childhood days and become a butterfly. Join your feet to feet like butterflies and try to sit up without lifting the legs off the floor. 
Feel the burn in your core and strengthen your core and hip muscles.

  1. Jackknife: core exercise for Belly Fat

Stabilized all your core muscles with this move. Lift your lower body and upper body, forming V, tucking tummy inside.
I m sure your core muscles will burn in this move.
Weight loss is not a miracle. It could achieve with consistency and motivation. We just the right article for you that is going to inspire your to lose body fat it is: Benefits of a flatter belly 
Do these exercises in the morning before eating breakfast or the night before going to bed.
Go slow, and with the flow, listen to your body. You will get used to these moves in those first weeks. 
Try to combine full-body cardio exercises with core exercises to lose belly fat. Start with light warm-up moves like jumping jacks, high knees, butt kicks. And end up on stretches to calm your sore muscles
Remember this exercise will help you 20% in losing fat. It’s 80% diet and 20% exercise. So watch yourself twice before binging on nachos, pizzas, and burgers.

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