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Shop In Japan Under 100 Yen

shop in Japan under 100 yen

Shop In Japan Under 100 Yen 

shop in Japan under 100 yen
Are you up for vacations?
Planned your trip?
But short on budget?
Don’t worry; I have a solution for you in this article. I will help you with my 100 yen shopping list in japan.
Japan considers being the wealthiest country in the world. And a trip without shopping for friends and yourself is always incomplete.
In recent years, Japan has developed many cheap 100 yen shops. Daiso, Seria, Watts, and Can Do are popular 100 yen shops with 550 locations all over Japan.
Another variation of 100 yen shop is 99 yen shop Daie with 88 stores in Japan.
So, let’s list up the things you can buy in japan for under 100 yen.

6 Things you can buy only in Japan for under 100 Yen

Giving a gift to your loved ones and close ones is an ancient tradition old up to 1000 years. It’s a tribute of love and respect from you to others.
Hence, buying gifts involves a lot of your emotional attachment towards them. And you want your present to be unique and inexpensive.
So here is a guide for you.

  1. Affordable Japanese Souvenir in under 100 Yen; Chopsticks

The most popular utensil for enjoying food in Japan is Chopsticks.
Most Chopsticks are of bamboo, plastic, and stainless steel.
You can easily find them by the name of Hashi. Also, you will find the word written Otemoto on its wrapper. These are their Japanese name.

  1. Versatile Japanese souvenir; Tengui

Tengui is an ancient traditional cloth with a thin and soft texture. Available at every high-end store to cheap 100 Yen stores in Japan.
Precisely used as a table cloth, picnic mat, or apron.
Most women found there carrying a bandanna or headband, or like a scarf wrapped around the neck.
You can also customize it by framing it into wall fame and adding their name initials.
Bold Japanese prints are always a show-stopper, so don’t miss it.

  1. Irresistible and Cheap Stationary in 100 Yen

Unique and tempting things you can buy only in japan for 100 yen are stationary.
Japanese culture has a deep respect for art. Hand-written notes, calligraphy, paintings are all considered precious assets.
The country where art is worship has an excellent quality of stationary.
Things you must buy from Daiso in japan under 100 yen are

  • Classic printed origami paper. A must-have, 100 yen for a pack of 20, 60, 100, and even 300 sheets.
  • Cute erasers in miniatures of sushi, animals, and Japanese foods.
  • Pure leather notebooks for a fraction of a price
  • Printed washi tapes
  1. Ceramics in Japan under 100 Yen

Gladly Tokyo ceramics appraise worldwide. However, Japan has a long history of ceramic production.
Tokyo fills with small-scale shops with a wide variety of ceramics products. You can choose from tea sets to dinner sets, printed pottery, and tea coasters.
Enroll yourself in a pottery session and make your pottery designs with love. Remember, handmade gifts are always precious.

  1. Affordable, Funky Apparel in Japan under 100 Yen


For basic tees and casual dresses, visit UNIQLO. It has 800 stores all over Japan.
They manufacture simple clothes yet are affordable and durable in the long run.
Visit them on weekends to get hold of sales. Remember to check your size before swiping your card. Your size may differ from your home town.

  • GU

To find cheap and funky clothing in japan under 100 yen, one must visit the GU store.
Fun prints, colorful designs clothes are must-haves to add to your list of things you can only buy in japan for under 100 yen.

  • WEGO

Assemble your #OOTD with WEGO snapbacks and graphic tees.
WEGO is a famous casual and streetwear apparel shop with affordable prices and 70 branches all over Japan.
It’s a sub-style station; Harajuku-style (mix of all the well-known Japanese sub-styles)

  1. Not to miss Anmie and Manga collection in Japan under 100 yen

Are you a fan of Anmie and Manga?
If yes, then you have landed heaven of Anmie and manga.
Lashinbang, Doujinshis, Mandarake are the thrift stores in japan.
Where you can find the Manga, Anime figures, gaming consoles, Anime stickers, and all hard-to-find collectibles.
You can have your hands on second-hand goods in these shops in japan for under 100 yen.
These 100 Yen shops are attractive to tourists because you have to pay a single 100 yen coin. However, they add sales tax on the bill, 8% for food and drink, and 10% on other items.
So the 100 Yen shopping is not exactly the 100 yYen shopping in Japan.
While shopping, visit small-scale and thrift shops. Also, keep an eye on sales during your visit to avail the excellent discount.
So the shopping plan is ready, pick up your bag and


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