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Alarming 5 Problems your Body Faces if you Lack Sleep

Five Problems Your Body Will Face If You Don’t Sleep

problems your body will face when you lack sleep
According to research, one out of every three Americans is suffering from Sleep Deprivation. Now, I don’t know how accurate is the estimation of this research. Yet I know for a fact that sleep deprivation is not good at all.
A healthy adult needs 7-8 hours of sleep every night for their body to function correctly. Whether you are intentionally or unintentionally, not consuming the required hours for sleep, you are risking your health. Also, your healthy diet and workout will not ward off this risk.
Now, what is this risk I’m talking about? Today and here, I need you to know the ten problems your body will face & you risk your body when you don’t get enough sleep.

Problems your body faces owing to lack of sleep

Problem # 1: Your Brain Cells are Unable to Communicate Properly

Often you feel sluggish when you are up for the whole night. Why is that so? A research was conducted to understand what happens if you don’t sleep for a night. Twelve patients who had Epilepsy were recruited. Electrodes were implanted in the brains of these patients to prepare for surgery (not related to the study.) These patients had to stay up for an entire night.
The patients were given specific tasks like categorizing different images. While their brain activity was being monitored through the electrodes. It was observed as the patients got tired, it became tough for them to organize the images. The electrical activity showed the neurons responded slowly. They even fired weakly, and the transmission process between neurons had prolonged than usual.

Problem # 2: Your Cognitive Functions Dampen

Your memory and decision making quality get disturbed when you don’t sleep properly. A  mostly neglected one from the list of problems your body will face if you lack sleep. Researches are even carried out to know what happens if you don’t sleep for 24 hours. The conclusions were you lose your focus. Your body is in a drunken state. This state is because having no sleep is the same as having 0.1 per cent of alcohol in your body.

Problem # 3: You Are More Prone To Diseases

When you sleep less, problems your body will face are severe. Your immune system becomes weaker. Chances are you will feel sick and restless. It is was also found that lack of sleep was associated with the patients of heart diseases, breast cancer, prostate cancer, and diabetes.

Problem # 4: Your Libido Decreases

Another major one of the problems your body will face if you lack sleep is that it will reduce your sex drive. Studies have shown that there was a fall in the level of testosterone for the young men who lost their sleep for one week. The decrease in the hormonal level was found to be as much as 10-15 per cent.

Problem # 5: Your Skin Condition Gets worst

Not sleeping well will cause your skin to suffer. The research was conducted based on the evaluation of skin condition and sleeping patterns. It included the age group of 30-50 years. It was found that people who had less than the required sleep suffered from more fine lines and wrinkles than their counterparts.
So, you see how lack of sleep affects not only your health but your beauty as well. And if not taken seriously, it may cost you your life too. Take good care of yourself with a good long night of rest and relaxation. Take a day off maybe. But, always follow this one golden rule!

Health before Wealth.

Have a refreshed morning the following day.
A completely new you!
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