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What are Virtual  Make-up Apps?

virtual makeup apps

What are Virtual  Make-up Apps?

virtual makeup apps
As the fashion industry is at its peak at the moment, more beauty related apps are trending now. The latest of this technology is the Virtual Make up the app.
Yes, you heard it right! You can now do a trial of new looks and trends without any error and extra stuff with the help of make-up apps.
So do you want to know if the purple lip colour looks good on you? Or are you confused with shades of foundation that matches perfectly with your skin tone?
No worries, we have got you covered!

How does a trending virtual make-up app works?

The Virtual Try-on technology works by scanning and detecting your face. Your facial features are detected, and make-up is applied virtually to that area.
You may move your head and mouth, and the lipstick will follow your lips.
Use the front cam of your mobile phone/laptop / iPad. The cam will scan your face with your consent, and bingo!
You are ready to go for new trials without any dent on your credit card.
Let’s move ahead,
Here are the most trending virtual make-up apps which you can help you rock the floor!

5 Trending Virtual Make-up apps

There are many apps in trending, but we have listed down the five most famous virtual make-up apps.

1. L’Oreal Paris Virtual Make-Up Tool

You can test both make-up and hair dyes virtually. Upload your photo or use a live application for sample check from their range of make-up tools and hair colours.

2. Maybelline Virtual -Make-Up Tool

You can use their brow-studio app or bold make-up the app. To find out the exact shade of foundation with the shade finder tool.

3. Mac Virtual Try-On

Mac evolved themselves on the digital platform to use their 100 plus lip colours and make-up tools virtually.

4. Bobby Brown Virtual Make-Up Tool

Bobby Brown try on a virtual make-up app that offers eye and lip shades for sample tests.

5. Chanel Lip Scanner

Chanel lip scanner has stepped up the game by the colour scan.
Scan any colour from a dress, handbag or anything and voila! They will help you find the best lip shade like that colour.

Advantages of Virtual Make-up tools:

· You can try More than a hundred shades and styles for sample checking to find your best match.

· Get a realistic try-on comparable to your skin tone and texture.
· Virtual Make-up apps have made cosmetics shopping easier.
· These apps are free.
· It is easy and more convenient and saves a lot of your time.
· Helps you in exploring new fashion trends without any unthriftiness
All these apps are most popular in public.
In this Covid world, whether you are stuck at home (lockdown). Or you are busy with work commitments. These apps will help you in testing and selecting your perfect shades.
You can also place an order with ease for your heart struck products. and have them delivered to your doorsteps within 2-3 working days.

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