Will Whatsapp launch a new feature in 2021?

new whatsapp feature 2021

Is It True that Whatsapp will launch a new feature in 2021?

Yes, it’s true Whatsapp will launch a new feature called WhatsApp multi-device feature (multiple devices linked together without an internet connection).
whatsapp updates and new features 2021
As you all know, WhatsApp is the biggest messaging app in the world, which connected people virtually.
Whatsapp had launched its WhatsApp web feature in January 2015. And that had been a great bliss for all people around the globe, from students to businessmen and women.
In the mid of workload and deadly deadlines, WhatsApp web became a savior. From saving time from switching the phone to work stations and work station to phone.

whatsapp launch a new feature 2021

The only flaw this feature had is that you have to keep your phone and device connected to the internet. What if your phone battery dies? Your all chats and work get hanged. And the rat race to connect your phone begins.
So, after all these years of hassle and worries, finally, Mark Zuckerberg and WillCathcart have come out with a solution.
And here comes the big good news

Whatsapp will be soon available to use on many linked devices together without the internet. 

Confirmed by Mark Zuckerberg and Will Cathcart to WABetaInfo.

Details of Whatsapp Launch a new feature in 2021  Multi-device feature

This to-be-launched feature is called the WhatsApp multi-device feature. It’s currently under development, and it will take two months to release officially. But to get the best of it, it may take longer for many tests and trials. Currently, it’s in testing mode.
Apart from this, the WhatsApp multi-device feature will not only allow users to connect to up to 4 devices to their main WhatsApp account at a time. But also, this feature will be available for both Android and iOS beta testers.
Besides, WillCathcart confirms that users will be able to migrate chat history between IOS and android devices. And all the chats of a user on all linked devices will be end to end encrypted.
To add more, it has been confirmed that users will also be available to receive video and audio calls on all up-to-date linked devices.
To add a cherry on top, according to WhatsApp web beta info, this feature would be available on both accounts; WhatsApp messenger and WhatsApp business account.

Final verdict on Whatsapp launch a new feature in 2021  Multi-device feature

new whatsapp feature 2021

To sum up, it seems to be quite challenging to sync all the chats and data on all linked devices. But Mark Zuckerberg has confirmed to WABetaInfo that they are working on it.
Well, this feature would be a great addition to our life—especially when the phone battery dies and you have some essential pending work to do.
Well, are you excited to use this most significant to-be-launch feature of WhatsApp in 2021?
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