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Ten reasons why breakups happen most with the young couples

breakup between young couple

10 reasons why breakups happen most with the young couples

breakups in early stage of love

Relationships are like glass; handle with care.

It’s easy to fall in love than staying in it.

Ending up in a relationship is difficult at whatever age you are. Yet, it’s most difficult when you are young.

According to Stanford sociologist Michael Rosenfeld’s research in 2009, 70 per cent of the young couple breaks up in their first two years. I know the no. is huge, but it’s still staggering in 2021.

You must be curious with what’s the reason? Why do they change in 2 years? What happens to their lovey-dovey bond after a year or two? Why does most couple choose ending up in a relationship?

So let’s find out the fault in their bond.

Reasons why breakups happen most with the young couples

  1. Domination causes breakup happen most with the young couples

Two minds are never the same.

A good relationship comprises equality and respect.

Every girl or boy expects respect from their partner. Issues arise when you stop listening and respecting each other’s views.

Dominate is ruling your partner all the time without respect for his/her likes and dislikes.

In short, Dominative relationship is toxic, and usually, they end up on breakups.

2. Cheating on your partner leads to a breakup happen most with the young couples

Being loyal means faithfulness to your partner. With all promises, words and sticking with your partner in his/her thick and thin, avoiding all the temptations.

When you are young, you get distracted ease. It may be because of your hormone, or you cannot differentiate between love and lust.

Remember, Strong and long term relationships are deep-rooted because of loyalty.

3. Affordability / poor financial condition leads to couples break up in 2 years

To fall in love doesn’t need money, but to stay in does.

Most of the young girls and boys are so fascinated by love stories in movies. They expect the same from their partner too. Gucci, channel or iPhone is not everybody’s cup of tea.

Love is a feeling that comes from inside, and to be feel loved only needs a red rose, with sincerity.

Many young couples fail to understand this and end up in breakups.

4. Your love vs parents love race often leads to breakups that happen most with the young couples

30 to 40 per cent of breakups happens due to family pressure. Most of the young girls and boys are unable to take a stand for their lover. Hence, the Love of parents takes over the love of their life.

Thus they end up in a forceful breakup which is most hurtful.

5. Addiction to unhealthy habits leads to breakups happen most with the young couples


Life is miserable with a drug addict partner.

Young girls and boys are open to new experiences. Moreover, they get attracted and addicted to drugs and drinks with ease.

In the lust of short term adventures, they lose their loved ones.

A loyal and sincere partner and can change his/her partner’s unhealthy habits. But this requires a lot of patience and consistency, which a lot of young couples lack.

why breakup happens in couples

6. Improper Self-hygiene arises breakups happen most with the young couples

Yes hygiene, it’s one of the most common but unusual reasons for a breakup.

Tangled hair, foul smell, dirty jeans, sweaty clothes can also make your loved one go away from you.

Furthermore, every girl or boy likes to show off their partner to their friends and family. And no one wants to feel ashamed in front of their acquaintances.

7. Etiquettes/mannerism can cause a couple to break up in 2 years

Abusive language, bad behaviour, rude attitude can also cause breakups. More often, young girls and boys feel cool by using slang and offensive words. Issues arise when they get used to it, and they cross their limits.

Good habits, smiling faces, polite nature always attracts others.

Politeness is an inexpensive way of making friends – William feather.

8. Suffocative partner can cause breakups to happen most with the young couples

Every soul loves their personal space where nobody pokes their nose.

Most of the young couples cross limits by being possessive and invade their privacy. Being romantic is suitable for a healthy relationship. But being cringe all the time and over possessiveness can also cause irritability, which causes fights on petty issues and ending up in a breakup.

9. unconcern/ not giving time leads to breakups happen most with the young couples

Strong Relationship nurtures with time.

The most common reason for breakups in young couples is not giving time to each other. Young girls and boys tend to busy with education, carrier or their part-time jobs.

In their busy schedules, their relationship left behind. Sometimes, couples do understand each other, and sometimes it all goes down the drain.

They should set priorities for everything and everyone in life to organized.

10. misunderstanding and ignoring leads to breakups happen most with the young couples

Misunderstanding, not listening, and miscommunication is the root cause of 90 per cent of couples break up in 2 years

Most of the young couples are always in a hurry. Instead of listening to understand, they listen to reply, which leads to fights and breakups.

These were the most common reasons for breakup happens in young couples. Now, the question arises,

why do couples break up in 2 years?

As you know, love is blind. It’s a feeling that suppresses brain activity to control critical thought.

More often, after a year or two, when the couple steps down from fantasy, they cannot face real-world challenges. Their high expectations from each other from the past year increases a lot.

breakup between young couple

Furthermore human never remains same nor do time. So these pity issues lead them towards fights, misunderstanding, and ego issues. Which in the end, they choose to move away from their partner.

These issues are not significant as do they look. There’s always a solution to a problem.

Solutions to breakups happen most with the young couples

  • Giving each other ample time
  • Respecting each other point and privacy
  • Keeping expectations low
  • don’t forget your hygiene


These four golden rules can help you make your relationship strong and long.

I hope you had a good time reading this article and found out all answers to your questions.

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