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5 minutes Quick makeup guide for newbies

5 minutes quick makeup guide for newbies
Have you ever thought of heaven on earth? Yes, Sephora or Ulta beauty is heaven on earth for girls. You can never come out with empty hands. Visiting their website can crave you about so many products. that you can’t stop yourself from adding them to your wish list.
makeup pouch
Makeup Pouch

Thousands of makeup products and new launches make you so overwhelmed and confused equally. That’s why, while checking out the cart, a thought always nags you; is my shopping worthy? Have I bought the correct products? Do I know how to use it? Will it suit my skin?

So, Here is a crash course from scratch on making makeup as a newbie to sort out all your confusions and worries.

Quick makeup Guide for newbies on basic terms

Let’s start learning with two major categorize of makeup; drug store or high end. These terms may confuse you. Relax; you will get to learn all the basic terms, tips, and techniques.

Drug store makeup

Cheap makeup products which give you an excellent finish are called drugstore makeup products.


High-end makeup

High-end makeup is the most expensive makeup with excellent results and high-quality packaging.
Yves Saint Laurent, Tom Ford, Surratt Beauty, Hourglass, Giorgio Armani Dior, Charlotte Tilbury, Chanel, Clé de Peau La Prairie, and Gucci are some of the high-end brand makeup.

Makeup products for the newbie.

Now let’s start learning about products that will use step by step.
1. Primer 
It’s a gel or cream-based product that smoothens skin, minimizes pores, and creates a barrier on the skin. So that you can apply face products without creasing. Moreover, it will make your makeup will stay long without fading and greying.
2. Foundation
It’s a liquid/ stick/ moose form makeup product applied on the face to unify the uneven tone or to cover flaws. Sometimes it’s also used for changing the natural skin tone of the face. It’s in two categorize—light to medium coverage for a natural or daytime look. And complete coverage for glam or party look.
3. Concealer
Likewise foundation, it’s a liquid or stick form makeup product which used to cover flaws only. Comes in different colors to hide flaws like orange for dark circles, green for red zits or spots, and light shade to brighten the under-eye area. It comes in medium to complete coverage consistency.
4. Contour
Contour is used to sculpt and enhance facial features by creating shadows. It usually comes in tones of brown. The nose, chin, jawline, cheekbone, and collar bone are the most used areas.
5. Setting powder
Available in compact and loose form. It’s preferred to use loose powder for baking (not that oven baking) in summers.
It creates an invisible layer on the face for absorbing face oil.
6. Highlighter
To get a soft, fresh, glowy, dewy face, use a highlighter. Highlighter used high points of the face like nose, temples, chin bone, and lip cupid.
In short, it highlights your face feature by giving a soft glowy sheen.
7. Blush
To add color to cheeks after completing all foundation steps, use blush. Blush gives you a fresh and flushed look. It comes in a variety of cream, powder, and liquid. However, it’s easy to use powder one. But in general, the liquid is used as a cheek tint for a soft natural look.

8. Eye shadow

Coloured pigmented powder available in various forms; matte, metallic, and shimmery are eye shadows. A tip to buying good eye shadow is; “always look for pigmented shades”. The more pigmented they are, the louder results you will get with the least usage of products.
9. Eyeliner
To make your eyes prominent and bolder, use eyeliner. Cake, liquid, pencil, and marker liners are in their form. In general, pencil and marker liners are easy to use as beginners.
10. Mascara
“Curly lashes make everything better”
To get the bomb, bold and attractive eyes, use mascara on eyelashes. It’s a magic wand that adds the oomph factor to your simple look too.
11. Lipsticks
“Lipstick – a bullet that doesn’t kill anyone.”
A product used on lips to create a dramatic sometimes and fresh look on face. It comes in many forms with different names.
· Liquid – lip gloss
· Pencil – lip liners and lip pencils
· Tube – liquid lipstick

Quick Guide for buying drug store makeup for newbies

As you got all the basic info about makeup products as per their usage. Now let’s learn about drug store products, in which you can invest.
  • Revlon, Maybelline, L’Oreal, and E.L.F. have the best foundations, covering almost all skin shades, with the best skin formula. For a no-makeup look or natural look, Use bb cream.
Quick makeup hack:
  • mix moisturizer and foundation in a ratio of 2:1 for hassle-free BB cream.
  • For concealers, you can buy NYX, Maybelline, wet, n wild ones. They are so damn creamy in consistency with buildable coverage if you want. They blend so smooth in the skin that you don’t have to make your hands pain while blending—a slight tap tap, and voila, your blemishes are gone.
  • Never forget primers. Cover girl, Maybelline, Revlon photo ready has good formula primer catering for all skin types.
  • Rimmel Maxi, Pixi by Petra On-the-Glow, Almay Healthy Hue, Maybelline Fit Me, and Revlon are the best choices for well-pigmented blushes at affordable prices.
  • Apply blush on your cheek’s apple in a circular motion with a round brush for the natural pinky, rosy cheeks.
  • You can also choose NYX Highlight and Contour Pro Palette, Rimmel Kate Sculpting Cosmetic Set, Cover Girl TruBlend Contour Palette, Physicians Formula Bronze Booster Contour, e.l.f. Contour Palette, L’Oreal Paris Cosmetics Infallible Pro Contour Palette, Pixi Highlight And Contour Palette, Maybelline New York Face Studio Master Contour Kit, or Makeup Revolution Ultra Contour Palette for a best-sculpted face.
  • Practice contouring by brown eye pencil or brown matte eye shadow in the beginning.
  • Maybelline Color Sensational Ultimate Slim Lipstick, Revlon Ultra HD Vinyl Lip Polish, Maybelline New York Super Stay Matte Ink Liquid Lipstick, and Wet n’ Wild Cloud Pout Marshmallow Lip Mousse could be the best choices for best long stay lipsticks with an excellent creamy formula.
  •  to avoid cracked lips, scrub your lips lightweight scrub before starting the makeup.
After discussing all the brands and products, now the question arises,

Can Newbies Do Good Makeup?

 Yes, you can do the best of it. It needs little practice with consistency and passion. And who does not love makeup? So if you are a newbie, that’s not an issue. You can do your best with some tips.
  • Invest in a single product at a time.
  • Be comfortable in your skin.
  • Believe In Yourself.
  • Do daily practice, watch tutorials on youtube

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