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16 Natural Quick Makeup Tips You Must Know About

Quick Makeup Tips

Who does not love to doll up? Whether you may be a teenager or an adult. (for this very reason we have compiled Quick Makeup Tips) 

“Makeup is a girl’s BFF”

Also, do you know that a girl spends 11 minutes a day on her makeup on average? And these 11 minutes are so crucial that you want a perfect oomph result without a mistake. Because if a mistake is made, you have to redo your whole look again.


So for your virtuous 11 minutes, I have simple daily makeup fixes, which I have gathered over time by experimenting with new products and techniques.


Without delaying further, let’s jump on the hacks.


Some Quick Makeup Tips for your face


A beautiful, flawless painting always depends on the quality of canvas you are working on. It’s not necessary to pay a hefty amount on skincare products for prepping up your face. It’s all easy with a few simple items available in your kitchen rack.


1. Before applying any product to your face, ice your face. Icing will shrink your pores, and voila! You have smooth textured skin.


2. For your simple daily makeup, apply moisturizing lotion according to your skin. Or if you are short on it, so don’t panic. Make a magic potion, a mixture of water and glycerin, i.e. ratio of 3:1. Spritz on your face once or twice.


3. Don’t go crazy after that teardrop sponge! 


Do you know you have been gifted with the world’s best blender by god? Yes, that’s your fingertips. Spread your foundation with your fingertips on your face and neck. The natural warmth your fingertips have via blood circulation provides the best result. It helps melt out the product onto your skin pores with the most absorption and less usage of the product.


4. After completing all the foundation steps, you can settle down your makeup with a half tsp of dry cornflour.


Yes, you heard it right; it’s cornflour. Cornflour is lightweight and excellent for absorbing up all your face oil without leaving white traces.

Natural Quick Makeup Tips for your Eyes

Quick Makeup Tips for your EYES

5. For making your eye makeup stay longer, dab a pint of Vaseline on your eyelids.


6. To pop up your eye shadows, use white pencils on your lid as a base color.


7. for creating an angelic Smokey eye, smudge a black eye pencil with your ring finger onto the edge of the eyelid.


8. For dried mascara, add a few drops of lens solution to it. 


9. On hot summer days, you always fear smudge eye pencils turning you into a vampire.


Keep your eye pencils in the fridge before applying. (Learnt from my mom)


Natural Quick Makeup Tips for your Lips 

10. We all love that red turnip color. Itn’t would be exciting if we change this color into our lip color. 


Crush fresh turnip and squeeze its juice and keep it in a container. Melt Shea butter or beeswax and mix turnip juice in it. Voila, your organic lip color is ready to go.


11. stained teeth with lipstick or smudged lip corners look worst and annoying, especially when you hurry. Place a q tip between your lips and apply lipstick smoothly.

Quick makeup tips for long staying lipstick

12. To make your lipstick stay longer, apply the first coat and dab tissue paper on your lips. Now apply the second coat of lipstick to your lips.


Other miscellaneous quick makeup tips 

To complete your simple daily makeup, there are also a few other tips to add a cherry on top to your glam look.


13. On your down days of the month, you look tired and drained. To fade out your fatigue look, use lip and cheek tint. You can use turnip lip color (mentioned earlier) for it too.


14. After completing your whole look, spritz rose water on your face for an extended fresh look.


15. Oil oozing from the skin on hot, humid days always ruins your glam look. Dab tissue or blotting paper on your skin to keep your look fresh.


16. To avoid oily hair roots on a bad hair day, sprinkle some dry cornflour on your hair roots. Leave it for 2 3 minutes and remove it with by scrubbing dry towel. It’s not always necessary to spend a hefty amount on dry shampoo.


These all tips are extra bonuses for your simple daily makeup. To add more stars to your simple daily makeup. remembering few

Some Makeup Tips You Should Know on your fingertips:

  • Less is more; lesser products, best results. 
  • Stay hydrated and healthy. So drink plenty of water and munch on fresh fruits.
  • Stay happy; the happier you are, the fresher you look.
  • Be comfortable and confident in your skin because beauty comes in every shape, colour and size.

 I hope you liked reading this article as much I loved writing it for you.

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