Exploring Abu Dhabi: 11 Best Places to Visit while in Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi

Are you out Exploring Abu Dhabi? It indeed is a wondrous place with the awe and amazement of the modern lifestyle and communes. It is a land of luxury and leisure. One with many potentials and a land of opportunities, Abu Dhabi, is the largest gulf state out of all seven. Hence, it is making itself a noticeable region in the UAE.

How did Abu Dhabi come to be?

Abu Dhabi came from two words. Here Abu is meaning Father and Dhabi is meaning Gazelle. Combined, it’s called Father of the Gazelles. I have a pretty good guess how it came to this name.
No wonder there are a lot of gazelles in Abu Dhabi. Once a state under the British Sponsorship, also known as Trucial state or Trucial Oman, it is a state thriving in culture and bustling with life.

Exploring Abu Dhabi: 11 Best Places to Visit while in Abu Dhabi

There are a handful of places one HAS to visit to quench one’s thirst for having the time of their life when exploring Abu Dhabi.

1.    Shaikh Zayed Grand Mosque

A wondrous work of art and an architectural feat. The Shaikh Zayed Grand Mosque is considered the largest mosque in all of the United Arab Emirates. Utilized for daily prayers, Jummah & Eid can usually be attended by a maximum of 45,000 or more people.
Eid days are the ones when such a large crowd is expected. Located on Shaikh Rashid bin Saeed Street, it is an iconic symbol of Mughal architecture with a blend of Arabian styling of the gateways and the interiors. Lacing the floor and walls with marble and porcelain, the mosque’s beauty is unmatched in all of Dubai.

2.    Ferrari World

Are the kids bothering you? Asking to visit a park? Or just to go out and have fun? Come to Ferrari World! The most relaxed place to stay when exploring Abu Dhabi.
Abu Dhabi Explorations
An indoor, Ferrari-brand-themed amusement park for both kids and adults of all ages. It doesn’t matter if you’re +50 years of age. If you’re a Ferrari fan, you’re welcome to come and visit your heart’s content. Situated on Yas Leisure Drive, near the Yas Island West region, it is dubbed the first Ferrari-themed park globally.
Even the famed devil of rollercoasters, Formula Rosa, the fastest roller coaster globally, is also from this vast amusement park.

3.    Louvre

A tacky art gallery with international artwork on display. The contents of the gallery are no doubt worth seeing. But, the gallery itself is a masterpiece.
A moat is guarding the in-between surrounding the building and the entrance pathway. Amid small water ponds surrounding the marble and glass building. Louvre is indeed a wonder to look at.

Present in Saadiyat, Abu Dhabi, there lies the exquisite architecture of the Louvre Artwork Gallery. Judging by the looks of all the art inside, it is considered to be the most significant art museum gallery in all of the Arabian Peninsula. A must-visit when exploring Abu Dhabi.
There are also many other noteworthy places where one should visit, like Qasr Al Hosn, Emirates Palace, Corniche Road, Warner Bros. World, and so much more.

But these should be on the top of your priority list.

Different Districts to visit when exploring Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi is seeping culture out of every souvenir shop to every small-time roadside food vendor. Its districts are also worth exploring when one is currently out exploring Abu Dhabi.
The most famed districts are as under:
(& don’t forget to stay tuned for the after-show because the ride has just started hitching)

1.    Downtown Abu Dhabi

Downtown, the center of any city. Is it not?
Downtown Abu Dhabi
The crowded streets and the hustle and bustle of society. It’s quite a common sight for the downtown region of any state or territory.
Here in Abu Dhabi, downtown is quite similar. With rows of lightly painted and decorated shops and vendors. Lined with 5-star restaurants and hotels, it is one of the finest regions one can visit when visiting Abu Dhabi.
Be warned; it is roadkill for people on weekends. Because that’s when everyone comes out to have the time of their lives. Nightclubs conduct raves and teens in ecstasy, and it’s the center of civilization.

2.    Madinat Zayed

Madinat Zayed In Abu Dhabi
Bustling with life, it is entirely in the range of the city center. Even though it’s relatively populous, it is quiet and less crowded. The architecture is a bit old, but the price is still equal to the modern ones.

3.    Al Wahda

Al Wahda Abu Dhabi
A bit farther than Madinat Zayed. It’s almost a replica of it. But one difference is that traffic is a lot lesser than Madinat Zayed.

4.    Khalifa City

A developing community. Up and rising to the rank of the communes of highest standards.
Khalifa City In Abu Dhabi
The only downside is that the nearest town is 40 minutes away by car and maybe an hour and ten by biking. Who knows, someone might pull it off equal to or under 40?
A lot of other districts still reside, but these are the top picks that made the ranks.

Places to live in Abu Dhabi & Price Concepts

The choice of living in Abu Dhabi can be a bit overwhelming at first. But fear not, it is about to get a whole lot easier.
Abu Dhabi is mostly a luxe space for people to enjoy for a temporary period. But if someone is willing to stay or even reserve a spot for next summer, it is mostly accommodated on the famed districts’ artificial islands.

1.    Yas Island

If you’re someone who’s into letting off some steam and making a go for it, Yas Island is for you.
Fantastic nightlife, famous malls, a WARNER BROS. PARK, it’s no joke for those who want to have the full-extent experience.
Yas Island in Abu Dhabi
For sale, the prices are from somewhere between a minimum of studios from 600,000 AED to an average of 2 million AED for villas. The cost of an apartment lies somewhere in the middle of all this.

2.    Saadiyat Island

Saadiyat Island in Abu Dhabi
The cultural wonderland of Abu Dhabi. A quick 20 minutes from Abu Dhabi’s Magnificent Airport. Here you’ll find only the highest standards of hotels, restaurants, schools, and cafés.
Prices fly around 650,000 AED to 2.5 million AED minimum. All ranges from minimum pricing for studios to a minimum of villas in the society, along with apartments somewhere in between.

3.    Al Reem Island

Al Reem Island in Abu dhabi
The first place where foreigners can buy property on a leasehold basis. It’s right next to the all-natural National Mangrove Park. The prices here in the same ranging scale are 440,000 AED to 3.7 million AED.
Others include Khalifa City, Al Khalidiyah, and a lot more of those when exploring Abu Dhabi.

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