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Yoga for Everybody: An Amazing yet Remarkable Body Transformation

Yoga for Everybody
Keep your body in the best shape!
The key-phrase being yoga for everybody, everyone can do yoga, regardless of age, ethnicity and gender. The human body needs a constant sense of movement to stay rust-free. Lying around and sitting all day in a chair/seat, or slouching around doesn’t do one’s body a lot of good.
In a time when outdoor activities are limited, and group activities are also a hazard zone. It is better to stay in shape from one’s home with minimum effort. Here’s when yoga home routine comes in.
A simple routine would be yoga.
Not the yoga which is seen in movies or the kind we think is yoga. The one where one sits leg crossed. And just oddly keep on the humming.
Let’s get into scrutinising the true aspects of yoga.


A series of spiritual, emotional and physical set of practices. Which helps sustain a healthy lifestyle and a healthy conscience.
Yoga for Everyone
It isn’t simply confined to mere exercises. It is a complete internal as well as external transformative enhancement.
Moving towards the simpler techniques in yoga home routine, first on our list is:

Yoga for Everybody: Morning Yoga

Even though yoga for everybody is a thing, nothing beats a good long stretch for those aching and sore muscles early in the morning. But I can think of one thing that for sure does.
MORNING Yoga Poses!
Yoga warm up sessions are a great way to kick-off the day. The simplest yoga home routine pose, for when one gets up is:

The Reclined Goddess Pose

A great morning yoga pose, for both back muscles and sore spots all across the lower half of the body. Relaxing & composing posture. This pose also retains stable breathing. So, it is advised to take slow and deep breaths while keeping the posture. Another, pose to go in the ‘Yoga for Everybody’ initiative.
Another adequate choice for a yoga warm up session.
The second one for a balanced day in the ‘Yoga for everybody’ initiative is:

The Seated Eagle Pose

One of many morning poses, which in fact does a great deal with the waist and upper trunk and provides a sense of balance. It also acts as a de-stressing pose for both the neck and the shoulders.
Replenishes the arm muscles, and stretches leg joints for better muscle stabilization—a quite easy pose to do in bed.

Chair Pose

Commonly known as the Chair pose. Also sometimes known as the Awkward Pose or Thunderbolt. Whatever you call it, it is a relaxing morning yoga pose for the thighs and lower back.
Deep breathing and positive mind-state. The instant method for generating heat and building energy. Comfortable and kinda relaxing. A valid choice for yoga warm up sessions.
An easy-to-do yoga home routine pose.

Dancer Pose

A graceful morning yoga pose. Composite & graceful like a professional ballet. The raised leg bend opens up the heart flow and allows a surge of aura and energy throughout one’s body. Making it effective for one’s sense of balance. And also proving to be a good choice for yoga home routine.

Half Lord of the Fishes Pose (HLotFP)

Like every pose in yoga has a specific role to play in keeping the body in good shape. HLotFP is a detoxifying morning yoga pose which promotes a good spine form and better breathing.
A bit advanced pose for the ‘Yoga for Everyone’ initiative.
Our Body is a machine with our limbs being the working gears and junctions. Each needs proper maintenance for optimal working results.
The HLotFP helps maintain and enhance body balance and generate an inner aura of refreshment which, in a way, resets the limbs and muscles as if they’re brand new.

Yoga for Everybody: Muscle Relieving Poses

One of the main focus of yoga is body stability and balance. It’s also the main aim for the entire yoga home routine set-up Tense, and stressed muscles are quite the problem if they aren’t dealt with accordingly.
A few poses for muscle relaxation are:

Seated Twist

Sit with legs across and above the other. Pull in a deep breath and when you exhale, move your left arm on your right knee and look over your shoulder. Same for the other side. A better way to de-stress the spine and a great morning yoga pose, when one just woke up.

Cobra Pose

A common pose, seen in movies and reality shows with a yoga segment.
You lie on a yoga mat, face down and body touching the mat from the forehead to the toes.
Retract from the core of the waist whilst bending your arms across the 90° mark. As you pull back from the mat, inhale. After a short interval, slowly move back to the original position. Waist touches down first, then the shoulders, then the arms and then the forehead. And finally, exhale slowly and smoothly. Not in ragged breaths.

Did you know, yoga also possesses the technique and can be used as per requirement for a better-meditated sleep session.

Make it the same!”

Mountain Pose

A first and foremost in standing poses and in yoga warm up routine. Even though it seems to be just standing, a lot is going on behind the scenes.
Stand straight, shoulder blades moving inwards. All the while, keep the palms facing inwards towards the upper thigh region. Breath in, hold it for 5 seconds and exhale.
Repeat it a couple of times, and vibe the sensation of feeling relieved.
It’s the most basic of postures in the ‘Yoga for everybody’ initiative.

Tree Pose

An amazing pose representing both calmness and balance of both the spiritual and physical plane.
Stand upright, one leg across the mid and on the other. Be sure to not put too much strain on the standing leg. Also, don’t tend to incline as it may deform the muscle.
Breath in & Breath out for a couple of times. Maybe 8-10 times. Then switch sides.

Child Pose

Also famous as the breather pose, it is known to calm down one’s breathing. It also allows the whole body to enter a state of limbo. A limbo in which any kind of body ache is insignificant.
A great morning yoga posture to practice when fatigued or before going to bed. Even works as an emotional and mental release or even a stress/tension relief pose.
Sit and join both feet together and fully stretch forward as far as possible. Keep your gaze low. After all the warm-up session is done, the real work begins.
Stretch as shown in the above figure. Have a great and effective breather session. Also, an effective yoga warm up posture.
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