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Why is NorthFace so Expensive?

Why is NorthFace so Expensive

Why is NorthFace so Expensive? You’ve been living under a rock, my fellow reader. NorthFace is not the regular run-on-the-mill garment manufacturer. They are one of the world’s best and most renowned garment manufacturing providers. Not to mention, the only manufacturer that’s leaps ahead of its own time.

Is NorthFace a good brand?

Again as said earlier you might have been living a tad bit more off the grid. NorthFace is the face of modern apparel and rugged equipment provider. It’s not just a good brand, but it is the only brand one can term as THE best when it comes to durability.

What do people have to say about it?

Some might come to say they’re not worth it. Some might even say it’s overpriced. But for those who already believe in the quality fabric of NorthFace, they have a unified question popping ever so often, why is NorthFace so Expensive?

Reasons why is NorthFace so Expensive

1.    Apparel & Equipment Design

NorthFace (singular) started out by manufacturing some of the high-end product lines in the field of everyday use equipment and apparel items. Like in short terms, NortFace is the brand that invented the hand-warmer/cargo-pocket combo.

2.    The South Butt

In the early days of NorthFace’s glory, a competitor rose to the stands entitled ‘The South Butt’ that not only went up in flames as soon as it erupted, but it also created a worldwide hype for NorthFace, and the sales skyrocketed that year in particular, for further notice.

3.    Brand Name-Tag

Nowadays, NorthFace has risen to the peak limit of infamy, and being the top line competitor to all other brands, you’re basically buying what you are not only because the quality is premium. You’re buying at a high stake because of the brand name.

4.    Fabric Quality & Production Technology

NorthFace is by far the only apparel company that has it’s own fabric manufacturing/producing method, and they weave and sow it as they like it (minus the formalities).
Not only is the fabric soft, but it’s also durable and sturdy. All the while keeping it comfy and cozy.

5.    Stupefying Range of Diverse Products

Not only is NorthFace a name seller, but it also sells a lot more than jackets and coats. You can find a whole lot of other daily-use items here as well. Like a jock-bag, or some rugged sports apparel. You can also find a large variety of accessories to go with it too.
(No wonder why is NorthFace so expensive)

6.    No Ordinary Fabric

NorthFace might seem like a company like any other, but it is far more advanced than any other fabric/garment company out there. Not only does it provide quality products from a diversified range, but it also provides you with self-aware clothes.
I know it sounds pretty far-fetched, but it’s true. If you remember wearing a NorthFace jacket and going out for a hike through a rainforest, you’ll probably know the difference in how the jacket comprehends and acts in the cold rainforest environment and how it acts in the open sunlight environment. It’s as if the products are self-conscious. All of that is based on NorthFace Advanced Fabric Technology.
Note: They use Gore-Tex Fabric Technology in their own fabrics to intertwine waterproofing features.

7.    Long-Term Presisitence

When buying a hefty-priced piece of clothing like a jacket from NorthFace, the first thing on your mind is how long will it last?
Northface is not just expensive and quality-oriented, it’s also durability-oriented. Every single one of its products is based to live the longest tenure in terms of endurance than any other clothing fabric.

8.    Nano-Tech Fabricated Clothing

Another thing that NortFace brought to the market is FutureLight Clothing Material. It is a nano-refined material that allows making the clothing porous but still keeps it waterproof. In prior experiences, waterproof clothes were relatively warm but NorthFace has now provided a way to keep clothes cool, dry, warm, or as needed regardless of what weather it is.

Does the majority agree as to why is NorthFace so expensive?

It’s more or less a preference situation. NorthFace is no doubt a brand that sells like hotcakes despite the high-priced products. Regardless of how much an item costs, people want durability, reliability, and quality, and they will prefer it over price any day of the week.

Is NorthFace worth the Price?

Even after all this, some might still ask ‘why is NorthFace so expensive’. NorthFace justifies the price in an odd manner. The fabric alone can compensate for the price tag alone, but the overall features of the apparel are no less than extraordinary.
So don’t worry, you’re getting away better deal than any.
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