BMW Cars: How long do they last?

BMW cars

BMW cars have been a popular purchase for luxury car lovers across the globe. With its high performance, quality and efficiency, you may never switch to any other brand.

BMW cars
BMW cars

Even the company claims it to be an “Ultimate Driving Machine.”
But, is it worth it to put your money on a BMW in the long run? Let’s find out.

How Many Miles Can A BMW Car Last?

When you are getting yourself a new car, the mileage may be your primary concern. For a BMW car, it will work for as many years as you take care of it.
In terms of miles, you can go for around 50k Miles without any oil changes. We also have seen BMW cars running for more than 30 years as well.
These factors depend on the

  • Maintenance,
  • Quality of engine oils,
  • and the way you drive it.

Obviously, if you put low-quality engine oils in the car and use it for racing, you may need to sell it in scrap.
So, care is the key.

Do BMWs Hold Their Value?

If you want to resale your BMW, you might do it in the first year or two. That is because, during this time, you may have the maintenance contract still valid.
As old as the BMW gets, you have to repair it or even change its significant parts for a better drive.
When you go for purchasing its spare parts, you will see their prices talking to the sky. Therefore, if someone is buying your used BMW, he will want the repair money to be compensated by you.
Hence, BMWs devalue with the passing time.
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