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Mariana Trench: The Most Mysterious Part of the Sea

Mariana Trench
The Mariana Trench is not just the deepest point of the ocean. It is the hub of mysteries. And why shouldn’t it be? All strange things lie in the depths that humans cannot reach. The most undiscovered and unreachable parts of the earth are themselves a mystery. It is because we don’t know what secrets they are keeping.
Maybe there is a black hole underneath the ocean. Perhaps there is a whole beautiful kingdom of mermaids, residing in the undiscovered area, ruling their government. Fascinating! Isn’t it?

The mysteries of the deep

In the Western Pacific, this vast ocean bed unveils new mysteries as a daring adventurer deeply wags. So let’s discuss some of them in the light of current discoveries.

The depth of the Mariana Trench

We must consider the sheer scale to view even all of the strange things happening on the Mariana Trench. It’s safe to claim that the place is a deep, watery hole, around which some insane bio-illuminating creatures reside. The trench is, in reality, very massive.
The Challenger Deep is at least 1,580 miles long and 43 miles high, which makes its exploration a terrifying mission, even though the pressure of water and the frightened mode of life within the depths of the trench is overlooked, which stretches down roughly 36,000 meters under the surface.

The arcane sounds

One of the strangest aspects of the Mariana trench was not a creepy sea beast. Though if the “bimetallic” sound occasionally coming from the trench is detected, we will be astounded that it is not that. Marine researchers called the “twangy” almost mechanical noise “western Pacific Biotwang,” and in 2014, scientists reported the underwater sound of “passive acoustic underwater gliders” near the Mariana trench.
Over the testing era, the 3.5-second complicated sound came up several times. While it appeared elusive, the scientists ultimately agreed that the most probable explanation is the minke whale, which can sound like a sound effect from Star Wars. The minke whales are still largely a mystery to scientists, though, and they still have no understanding of the call and why it was recorded around the year.
Well, this is not the first time when minke whales puzzled the scientists. For around half-century, a duck-like underwater sound puzzled the scientists with its repetitive and rhythmical quality. Nobody figured out that this bio-duck sound is actually minke whales until 2014.

Strange undersea Volcanos

What comes to your mind while talking about the profound sea dangers? Obviously giant man-hunting creatures like sharks and a huge octopus. But there are dangers, bigger than them, and you wouldn’t have thought about it. They are massive undersea mud volcanoes that spew hot mud and rocks from the depth of the earth and ocean, of course.
These natural volcanoes exist in the Mariana Trench on the spot where the Pacific tectonic plates are pushed downwards by the Philippine sea plates. This makes the region a hot place for volcanic activity, which includes the mud volcanoes.
These huge volcanic systems bring warmth to the depths, which would otherwise be very difficult to exist. Researchers have discovered microbial life proof beneath the Mariana trench as deep as six miles due to the sun and minerals of the mud volcanoes. This is a sign that life can thrive in the harsh conditions that we still fully appreciate.
As Oliver Plumper, project manager, puts it: “This is another symbol of our planet’s huge, deep biosphere. It may be massive or very little, but we really don’t understand what’s going on.

The Megalodon

In 2018, The Meg by Jason Statham exposed the public to the latest idea of the giant shark Megalodon lurking in the Mariana trench. The film reveals a “false” base of the Mariana trench behind which these super sharks have been rocking.
But apart from the novel element, there is a hypothesis of conspiracy around Megalodon secretly huddling across the seas for a while. And what better place than a most bottomless pit in the ocean for them to conceal their lives from the bitter human race?
Sadly (or thankfully, this is very difficult to be accurate based on the views on giant sharks. The Mariana trench could not even sustain a creature as massive as the Megalodon technically, and in any event, the animal stuck about in very shallow and warm waters.

The Hadal Deep

Technically, the Hadal Deep is a shared name for the darkest areas of the ocean worldwide. But Mariana Trench is where it is most accurate in the meaning. The place was modelled after Hades’ underworld of Greek mythology. Ironically, there are more people ever visited the moon than this area.
This region was so profoundly hostile to human life. And it is a reason why it contains so much mystery: it is incredibly challenging to keep people alive.

The peculiar marine life of the Mariana Trench

In the depth of this deepest part of the ocean live strange sea creatures. Such as massive amoebas with a diameter of 10cm consume the prey like a gluey monster. Also, there are different bioluminescent organisms present in underwater. Other than these, sea monsters like anglerfish and goblin shark reside with colonies.
Mariana Trench’s underwater life isn’t all pure nightmare. A completely unassuming pink creature named the Mariana snailfish is the most formidable sea predator since they live much deeper than any of his neighbours.
It lives as it can live at an incredible depth of 26,200 feet and can enjoy smaller sea organisms free without risking of being consumed.

Who are the most Horrifying beasts?

Humans are the most horrifying beasts not only in the Mariana Trench but on the whole earth. Confused why? This will give you an answer.
A diver found several plastic bags and candy wrappers in the Mariana Trench in 2019, at 35,849 feet under the big ocean. It means that humans have already started to contaminate the deepest part of the sea even before we are explorable.
In fact, some experts have shown concern in 2017 that some areas of the Mariana trench are more polluted than the contaminated rivers of China.
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