5 Best Spring Lawn Care Tips To Not Miss

Lawn Care Tips

As winter announces its final goodbye, it’s time to search for the best spring lawn care tips regimen. Whether you want to revive your lawn’s health after months of dormant winter or keep it in a healthy state, spring lawn care saves your lawn from all possible dangers.
Earlier before, we shared a detailed summer lawn care guide you can save effort, time, and money on lawn maintenance. If this sounds useful to you, don’t hesitate to bash this link and learn all summer lawn care secrets.
After summers, spring is the favorite month for homeowners to treat their lawn with love and care once the winter has stepped out.

5 Best Spring Lawn Care Tips

If spring is just around the corner, it’s time to bring your lawn back into its original shape with the right spring lawn care tips.

1. Raking

Lawn Care Tips
Raking plays a crucial role in cleaning the lawn surface from the pile of leaves collected during winter. With the help of a leaf raker, you can effectively remove the layer of thatch on your lawn along with grass clumps, snow molds, and other stuff.  To save your time, money, and effort, it’s best to use a leaf blower to blow all the leaf mess in minutes. If you’ve no idea which one to buy, don’t hesitate to check out our compilation of Best Leaf Blowers 2022 and get a clean lawn without breaking a bank.

2. Mow

mower Lawn Care Tips
Having your first mowing after winter might sound intimidating, but it’s the only way to get your lawn in good shape rather than fixing different areas. Once you’re ready to mow, it’s important to follow some of the important winter lawn mower maintenance tips to make sure you’re mowing the right way. However, mowing with the right lawnmower is the only way to get an ever-green bare-feet worthy lawn. If you’re looking to replace your old cranky lawnmower or buying for the first time, don’t forget to read this guide that says 7 things you need to know before buying a lawnmower.
Some of these are:

  • Fill the tank with fresh oil and fuel by replacing the old one.
  • Change the dirty or damaged spark plug.
  • Clean the undercarriage of your lower from grass clippings.
  • Sharpen the lawnmower blades and test by cutting a small patch of your lawn.
  • Running the mower for a few minutes to heat the engine before you get it to work.

3. Overseeding

Winters are not for seeding, which is why pending this task till spring is the best option to go for. Not only is spring the best favorable time to seed warm and cool season grass both but it also keeps the weeds away after the dormant winter. If your lawn has lost its charm in winters, seeding new low-maintenance grass is the best option to bring back the beauty of your lawn.
Whichever grass you grow, try to use either organic or nitrogen-rich fertilizer on your lawn and sow the seeds deep down the soil for better nourishment. If you want, go give a read to our Winter Lawn Care Checklist and see what you’ve missed before.

4. Go for mulching

Once you’re done mowing, it’s best to mulch the grass clippings back to the lawn for the soil to restore all the nutrients. Not only is mulching the best-proven lawn care practice to promote healthy grass growth, but it also reduces your workload of bagging the leaves in a bagger. Mulching needs no tools so equipment but make your lawn look greener and better.

5. Soil testing

The change of climate may also impact the health of the soil on your lawn. The easiest way to determine the health of the soil is by testing the PH, which should neither be too acidic nor too alkaline. With the help of some chemicals and home remedies, you can easily fix the PH of a sample of your lawn soil.


Recovering your lawn from the effects of dormant water is definitely achievable if you can return your lawn with the love and care it deserves. From mowing early to mulching regularly, follow these effective steps to make your lawn look healthy, beautiful, and lusher than ever before.
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