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Steps to make coffee in 2022 using French press, coffee maker and more

Steps to make coffee in 2022

Are you a fan of Starbucks finest coffee, well who isn’t? Does your day start with a refreshing hot cup of coffee?? But do you struggle in making fine coffee yourself and are dependent on cafes and baristas for your daily coffee, then say no more! We bring forth, easy steps to make coffee.

A detailed guide to brewing coffee in a French press, or in a coffee maker, and more

Having a perfect coffee by yourself can be a lifelong luxury. Holding a great start can transform your full day into a productive one. So why depend on cafes and baristas to give you a fresh start with their coffee. Make yourself one, get the perfect taste and save your money.

Making your own coffee can be beneficial in many ways:

  • You can transform it the way you want
  • You can have a coffee whenever you like
  • You can save a lot of pennies depending on the amount of your coffee consumption per day.

Here is a detailed guide to making coffee at home in multiple ways. You can make it in a French press, in a coffee maker, in a pot, and in many more ways. Be a champ in how to make a perfect coffee just by a few minutes read.

Steps to make coffee in a French Press

A French press can be an ideal brewer for brewing perfect coffee at home. It can give your coffee a perfect European touch—a simple, easy, and affordable option for all coffee lovers. Get a French press at your home and enjoy effortless coffee making at the comfort of your home.
Here is the step by step guide to utilizing your French press in the best possible ways:

  1. The first thing you need to do is boil the water in a kettle or any other accessory you have for boiling. Remember, we need hot water in the French press, not boiling. So you must refrain from pouring boiling water directly into the French press.
  2. You need coarsely ground beans to brew coffee in a French press. Therefore if you have whole beans, then grind your beans to coarse ground coffee particles. And then add the grounds in the French press. Or, if you already have grounded beans, then add them directly into the French press.
  3. This is the step where you add water to the grounded beans. Make sure the water is hot but not boiling. The best way is to wait a minute after turning the flame off of the kettle. Start pouring the hot water in the French press over the grounds and give it a stir. Remember, do not pour all the water in the carafe of the French press and keep it half for now.
  4. This is the step where you bloom your coffee. You start the timer for 30 seconds. These 30 seconds of blooming will extract gases from the grounded coffee beans, which will result in better extraction of coffee flavors when filled full. Thirty seconds are enough for this process, and your coffee will increase in volume and become bubbly during blooming. Stop the timer and give your coffee a gentle stir.
  5. Fill the carafe with the remaining water (as per your requirement) and gently close it. Press the plunger a little lower and start brewing your coffee. It takes around 4 to 5 minutes to complete the process of brewing.
  6. Now is the time to press the plunger entirely down. Refrain from applying any extra force. Do it gently. The time of pouring a perfectly brewed coffee has now arrived. Pour your freshly brewed coffee into a cup or mug of your choice. Do not let the remaining coffee rest in the French press, as it will continue the process of extraction and will make your coffee bitter.
  7. Enjoy the taste of heavenly-made freshly brewed coffee with your favorite piece of cookie or brownie or anything you prefer.

Well, I hope it is amazing.
Finally, you are done with making a perfect coffee for yourself. And after 2 to 3 attempts, you will master the art of “steps to make coffee at home”.

Some tips for preparing a coffee in a French press

Here are some suggestions for you to prepare a perfectly brewed coffee using a French press.

  • Try to add your plunger slowly and gently, and do not push it too hard.
  • Keep the process of blooming and brewing separate, as it will add more taste and value to your cup of coffee.
  • The ratio of coffee to water should be 1:15
  • If you wish to add flavors, then you can try brewing with flavorful coffee beans.
  • Try to use whole beans as the fresh grinding gives better extraction of flavors.
  • Remember, the texture of your freshly ground beans should be of sea salt, and avoid using fine grind particles in a French press.

Get yourself an ideal French press by clicking here. And get fantastic coffee at home.

FAQs related to French press

Is the coffee made in the French press bad for health?
Well, no, it is not. The amount of coffee consumed in a day determines its effects on human health and not the machine you use to make coffee. Try using a filter if you have any heart problems to avoid any unnecessary rise in cholesterol.
How many spoons of coffee should I add to the French press?
Well, whatever kind and size of French press you are using, remember the ratio should be 1:15. Hence for every 1 gram of coffee, you have to add 15 grams of water.
Do I need to stir in a French press?
Yes, the stirring will help to mix the grounds with water and makes brewing perfect. Without stirring, you may be left with some un-extracted grounds in the bottom resulting in weak coffee.
How many times should I need to plunge?
Remember, you only need to plunge gently once it reaches the water surface at the start. And plunge it down while pouring your coffee. But do not press it to the ground. If you think the plunger is touching the carafe’s base, then it is better to lift it a little.

How to make a perfect coffee in a coffee maker?

A coffee maker is an electric ledge machine that brews hot espresso naturally. A coffee maker is a fundamental, low-tech, yet proficient machine. You’ll need a coffee maker, filtered water, paper filter, and grounded coffee to prepare a perfect cup of coffee. It can be tricky and complicated, but following simple steps will help you achieve your goal.
Here is the bit by bit manual for using your coffee maker in the ideal ways:

  1. The very first thing you need is water. Try using filtered water as it works best in the sense of taste. Fill your coffee maker with desired cold filtered water.
  2. Use a filter. It is totally up to your choice and preference that what kind of filter you use. As long as it fits the size of the maker and does the function, you are good to go. You can even reuse your filter papers. However, it has a slight impact on the taste.
  3. Add your coffee beans to the channel. Remember that buying ground beans and freshly ground beans has a huge difference that impacts your coffee taste. If you are a heartthrob coffee lover, I suggest you buy whole coffee beans and ground them freshly to enjoy the flavors to the fullest. Turn on the machine and hang tight for the mix cycle to finish. Preparing should take somewhere in the range of three and five minutes on most. (i.e we are talking about the complete total time from the boiling & trickling of water till the dribbles through the beans)
  4. You have some freshly blended coffee prepared to drink!
  5. On the off chance that your trickle, Glass carafe, and an electric warming plate are present within the machine, we suggest you take off the carafe within the warming plate, as the hotness of that plate would make the coffee taste unpleasant. On the off chance that you have extra coffee and need to keep it steaming hot, pour it in a bottle.

At the point when you drink your coffee, note how it tastes. In case it’s more severe than you’d like, you can crush coarser for your next bunch. In case it’s somewhat sharp or not sweet enough, crush somewhat better.
You can check this excellent coffee maker if you wish to buy a perfectly brewing coffee maker at home.

Some tips for brewing a perfect coffee in a coffee maker

  1. Do not use tap water as it contains different minerals. The brewing process will add the taste of these minerals to the coffee, which will impact the real taste of coffee.
  2. Try to use fresh grounded beans rather than buying already grounded ones. Use a coffee grinder or rush towards your nearest barista to get your fresh beans crushed or ground.
  3. The ratio of coffee to water varies with the machine. But standardly, you can use two tablespoons of coffee for almost 8 ounces of water. For making it strong, you can reduce the water to 6 ounces.

FAQs related to making coffee in a coffee maker

How can I make my coffee stronger?
A stronger coffee can easily be made by reducing the amount of water for tablespoons of coffee you generally use and vice versa.
How can I make my coffee taste better?
You can make your coffee taste better by using freshly ground beans, filtered water, and the correct ratio of coffee is to water.
Why my coffee is tasteless?
The primary factor involved in determining the taste of coffee after the coffee water ratio is water temperature. Tasteless or weak coffee results from the cooling of water from the desired temperature, which affects the brewing process. The ideal temperature of the water should be 195-205 degrees Fahrenheit. No, you don’t need a measuring scale for it. Just use the water after 30 seconds of boiling. You will achieve the desired temperature.

More ways of making a perfect coffee at home

There are several other ways to make a perfect cup of coffee for yourself at home. Such as:

  • In a pot
  • In a percolator
  • In an Aero Press

But the secret of brewing a perfect coffee depends on the scale. The measurement of grounded coffee beans and water, the water temperature, the brewing time, and the pouring time. To master the art of “how to make a perfect coffee at home,” you need to balance the ratios and temperatures.
Sometimes it feels as simple as a piece of cake. However, sometimes it can be as complicated as some tricky math problem. All that you need is immense love for coffee and a desire to make it in your style. Because believe me, maybe different cafes serve best coffees around but what you can make with your taste and lifestyle is perfect of all.

Some secrets for how to make a perfect coffee at home

However, up till now, you must be having a clear idea of brewing a perfect coffee all by yourself. But here are some essential tips which will serve as a bonus for you.

  • Always opt for self-grinding over buying ground beans.
  • Store the freshly ground beans ideally to be used next time without taste alteration. The formula for storage is no air, no heat, and no light.
  • Be wise while choosing your coffee brewer. It is an investment. Choose quality.
  • Use perfectly filtered water to avoid any extra flavors of minerals and salts.
  • Try to achieve the desired water temperature for brewing, i.e., 195-205 degrees Fahrenheit.

I hope by now you have learned the essential elements required for making a good coffee at home. By practicing these steps from the best coffee-making guide, and remembering tips, you will soon achieve the desired goal of “how to make a perfect coffee at home”.
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