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COVID-19 and Open Source eLearning Platforms & Media

COVID has promoted education in the form of open-source eLearning platforms. COVID-19 has affected all sectors and fields of life. For students, their education is the one that has taken the toll the worst. Educational Institutes have found a solution to this problem. And are looking to provide it they are using technological open-source platforms.

Affiliation of Education with “open source eLearning platforms”

Introduction to eLearning

Education has been impacted severely by the aftershocks of COVID-19. Education proceedings ceased. Students went AWOL. Teachers became inactive. Studies went off the track. All because COVID-19 came crashing down. Education is now being reimagined by a new term eLearning.
And as it is well versed, it is followed by the most common statement:
What is eLearning?
eLearning is paving a smarter more efficient and more interactive way to education. With the help of open source eLearning platforms, it is progressing by leaps and bounds. Proving that it is both productive and positive use of technology. Test sessions being conducted on the online internet stream. Lectures being either pre-recorded or conducted online liver for the convenience of students. Promoting the notion to study from home.

How has eLearning changed traditional learning?

Traditional learning was all about books ad a face to face interactiveness. But, when technology got involved, it makes things more pliable. More portable. Easier to work with. Accessible anywhere. Anytime. At any pace.
Students just need a mobile or computer device, and a mobile data or internet connection. Just that. And voila.
The class is in session.
Digitally innovative study sessions. Even from a vastly far-off distance, making it more intriguing and fun to learn. Mostly owing to open source eLearning platforms.

What is eLearning?

In Middle-School & High-School prospects
eLearning has enabled the young creative minds of both middle-school & high-school students. Regardless of their performance. Also sparks their interest in studies in a variety of creative ways. It intensifies the learning experience while keeping it light & less-intense. Easily comprehensible, and easily managed.


eLearning has made easier accessibility to study resources and study material. Making it an on-demand service and on-demand resources and real-time teaching sessions.


LMS and many open source eLearning platforms are providing education via tech. More to the ease of the students. Masking assignment submissions and class-task completions easier. In a format too, that is flexible to the tools a student has by default.

What is eLearning?

In University & Masters’ prospects
Universities & higher education institutes have all reverted to LMS teaching standards. Making higher education both digital at some point and in actual classroom sessions. Making testing, examination schedules, and systematic set-ups. Enabling students to be more diligent with their studies. Promoting efficiency in grading and time management. Beneficial to both the student themselves and their grades. It a somewhat relieve for teachers to bypass the stressful stage of marking. Here when the digital algorithm does that for them.

Open Source eLearning Platforms

eLearning has made a place for itself. Whether it be in the form of an educational constitute or a software-based optional. Platforms are now being unveiled for the promotion of eLearning services. Other than that these are developing newer and more attractive ways. In the main aspect, to meet the question ‘What is eLearning?’. A few famous ones are discussed below.

Zoom Meetings App

open source eLearning
Zoom meetings app, an open interface for eLearning for mobile & computer devices. The leading app on any interface. whether it be a computer interface or an android or iOS device. The Zoom meeting virtual background provided is one that has the most features. Also, allow ample flexibility for the users. This app is skyrocketing in usage for eLearning scenarios. As classes are conducted here. With almost no prior knowledge of eLearning at first. Zoom meetings app gives a real-time interface as in zoom meeting virtual backgrounds. Scenarios allowing more interactiveness and accessibility.
Visit the Official Website here.

  • Easy to manage
  • Efficient
  • Effective user tracking
  • Discussion chatrooms
  • Blackboard sharing feature
  • Chatrooms are end-to-end encrypted
  • Class sessions are end-to-end encrypted


  • Lags sometimes
  • Has quite significant audio transmission issues

Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams, not quite the deal-breaker here. But even though Microsoft Teams e Learning has its own ups and downs. But more of which are the ups, not the downs. It has class sessions, virtual classrooms. Along with an audio and video class calling service with a blackboard sharing feature. Making the Microsoft Teams e Learning experience more worthwhile. But it still has significant drawbacks to it in regards to the Zoom Meetings App.
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  • Does not have efficient user tracking. Which impacts the Microsoft Teams e Learning experience quite a lot.
  • Chat isn’t end-to-end encrypted
  • Does have a lot of lag during class sessions

Google Classrooms

The last on our list and by far not the least is a Google-developed app which is bland but not right down plain and simple. Has a few upsides to the above two but a few drawbacks tend to follow.
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  • Has a testing system dedicated to Google-oriented products only
  • Has an announcement section as well


  • Is a simple text and test interface.
  • Doesn’t support video class sessions
  • The interface isn’t updated for quite a while


An open source eLearning Program is like a classroom in many ways. There are attendance sheets and roll-calls. Assessments & assignments. It is like the perfect technical aspect of a classroom you’ll ever need. But a few minor drop-outs are affecting its ratings as well as rankings in the eLearning market.
Wanna see it up close? Come on here.

  • It does not support video conference lectures in real-time. Pre-recorded doesn’t apply to this case.
  • It doesn’t support most audio and video formats.
  • It has an enormous amount of latency during assessments longer than an hour.

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