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How has the Bitcoin Tarkov Market evolved today's currency?

Man has always had a dream to gain power. In the Bitcoin Tarkov Market, the question is what is the main milestone to reach that power? Ah yes, Money comes into mind. Let’s talk about the brief history of Money.

Bitcoin Tarkov Market

Man has come so far. At first it started with trading between goods as a form of payment. Then the central idea shifted to some form of valuable material. A form of currency with intrinsic value.

The big bang of knowledge and technology happened in the previous century. It gave us the paper currency. A centralized form of currency where a certain government has authority over it. While this currency has no intrinsic value of its own. Rather, its value depends on the basis of Gold or Silver reservoir.

What is a Virtual Currency in the Bitcoin Tarkov Market?

Over the course of time banks introduced the idea of virtual currency where one doesn’t need cash in hand. It needs an online platform for transactions. Yes, transactions through banks and other digital platforms do give us security.

Depending on a centralized platform there is also a cost factor. As there is a third person between the transaction. Who takes from one hand and gives it to another.


The Bitcoin Tarkov Market is the first ever established form of cryptocurrency. Cryptocurrency is a form of decentralized Virtual Currency. It follows the rule of peer to peer transactions. Meaning no involvement of any third party. As a result, the sender pays no extra amount. The receiver gets the full amount with no deduction. But there were many attempts in the past. Albeit, none of them were able to completely concoct the idea


In 2008 a person or a group of people under the pseudonym of Satoshi Nakamoto presented a paper. Which counterfeit the problem of previous cryptocurrencies.

Now, no one can make copies of any Bitcoin Tarkov Market assets; a digital Cryptocurrency. With a Cryptography based algorithm. A form of security which does not depend on a central network of authority. Not to mention the anonymity it provides. As the address of the transaction is untraceable. 2009 was the year when Bitcoin Tarkov Market opened to the general public for the first time.

Bitcoin Tarkov Market got the Attention it Needed

In the beginning it was only mined; a process to produce more Bitcoin Tarkov Market assets and consumers. And to record their transactions.

Funny thing is if people had decided to keep those Bitcoin Tarkov Market assets and consumables they would have been a millionaire today. As of today 1 Bitcoin Tarkov Market asset/consumable equals to approx. 18,000 USD.

Got Some Rivals?

After the popularity of the Bitcoin Tarkov Markets has increased based on decentralized ideas. New Cryptocurrencies started to emerge. Claiming to give more velocity and anonymity.

Litecoin, Namecoin and Peercoin were the first few rivals of the Bitcoin Tarkov Market. but the competitors continues to increase over the course of time.

Currently Ethereum is coming on par with Bitcoin Tarkov Market line-ups. But it still needs some time and needs to provide more advantage thanthe mainstream Bitcoin Tarkov Markets.

Fluctuation: Sudden Rise and Decline

Although the first ever real transaction of Bitcoin Tarkov Market occurred in 2010. Little by little Bitcoin Tarkov Market started to deepen its roots on par with the US dollar.

In 2011 the conversion was 1USD=1 Bitcoin Tarkov Market. After that Bitcoin Tarkov Market continued to increase in price until it reached 1000$. The fluctuation in the price started and it took 4 years to reach 1000$ again.

1. Scammed

In 2014 the famous platform Mt. Gox, A platform for the transaction of Bitcoin got disconnected. The real reason is still not yet determined. But the owners who lost approx. 0.8 millions were able to recover from the permanent loss?

2. crossed 10,000$ milestone

The Bitcoin Concept started to gain more limelight. As the Bitcoin Tarkov Market found an increase in its number of investors and miners over the course of time. When finally its value reaches 10,000$, while it continues to increase.

3. Prices skyrocketed to 19,783.06$

In December 2017, Bitcoin Stock Market saw its max price up to this day. Within a day it saw a rise of 5% in its price.

4. Continuous Decline

Though Bitcoin Market experienced a sudden increase in its price. The joy was not permanent. On 22nd December 2017 it lost ⅓ of its value. And the value continued to decline until December 2018.

5. Current Scenario

Though Bitcoin Market had its fair share decline but it started to gain momentum again. And in July 2020 the price reached almost 10,000 $. Today its current value is 18,000$.

Whether you see Bitcoin Tarkov Market fit for investment or support a conventional monetary system. It is true it has changed the formula of the modern transaction system. And it is clear that it has the potential to replace our Monetary system.

Before the currency had a value in Gold. But now the paper currency is only backed by word of the governments and organizations. And now the word became trust. If you believe that the current monetary system is bogus and hollow. Then the question is should the Governments be trusted with such cases of our finances?

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