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Mysterious Death of Jinnah?

A Seven Decade-Old Mystery

The death of Jinnah is indeed a travesty. One which remains a mystery. The founder of the country we call our homeland, one that rose from the ashes of a million lives. His death came in unforeseen circumstances that are yet unknown to date. Still, a lot of theories remain which depict the reason for death. But one is entirely different from the other. It was making his scenario a mystery that had no clue left to begin or to end with.
The day he was flown to the airstrip of the Karachi Air Base, he wasn’t in perfect shape.
At that time, right before the heartbreaking incident of the death of Jinnah, only a limo and an ambulance were there for his retrieval from the airstrip. Despite being the Governor-General of Pakistan, the highest political and nationwide rank, he wasn’t given proper attention, all due to some mysterious dealing and established ties between the freshly partitioned Government of India and some other relevant political standings.
Even though Jinnah kept his ailment a secret for so long after his passing, the viceroy had this to say:

"If I had only known all this at time, the course of history would have been
diferent. I would have delayed the granting of independence for several months.
There would have been no Pakistan. After the death of Jinnah, there would've been
no seperate Muslim State."

death of Jinnah

Death of Jinnah & His Principal Concern

Jinnah’s principal concern was the wellbeing of individuals and, later, the displaced people, even though the relocation of the minority populaces was not anticipated in the ‘Parcel Plan.’ It was Mountbatten’s strategies alone that made quite a considerable development inescapable. Besides, the ill will between the two new territories of the British Commonwealth was established by the battle for Kashmir and would proceed more than seventy years after the fact. The death of Jinnah soon after the birth of Pakistan was a tragedy the country could never come out of. Today, following over seven decades, the entire world is taking more noteworthy comprehension of Jinnah’s right trepidation as they watch the unrivaled ethnic purifying and biases of India.

Freedom at Midnight’s Views on the Death of Jinnah

Larry Collins and Dominique Lapierre, in their book Freedom at Midnight, contend that the Partition of India might have been dodged if “the most firmly watched mystery in India” had gotten known – Jinnah was experiencing tuberculosis, which was gradually murdering him.
Here’s a passage from the book:

On the off chance that Jinnah had been recently a grievous survivor of tuberculosis, he would have been bound in a sanatorium for the remainder of his life. Jinnah, be that as it may, was not a typical patient. At the point when he was delivered from the medical clinic, Patel carried him to his office. Tragically, he uncovered his companion and patient the deadly ailment which was following him. He was, he told Jinnah, arriving at the finish of his substantial assets. Except if he remarkably decreased his tremendous burden, rested substantially more now and again, surrendered cigarettes and liquor, and facilitated the weights on his framework, he didn’t have multiple or two years to live.

The information on one’s moderate end would have broken the vast majority’s desire, yet Jinnah stayed a man unaffected.

Nothing aside from the grave planned to divert him from the errand to which he’d designated himself of driving India’s Moslems at this crucial crossroads in their set of experiences.

On the off chance that expression of his ailment had got out, there was a likelihood that those contrary to Jinnah’s Pakistan would have slowed down the whole cycle until he was excessively sick or had died. Without his iron will, it would have demonstrated simpler to persuade his devotees that Partition was best maintained a strategic distance from.

Jinnah realized that if his Hindu adversaries learned he was biting the dust, their entire political standpoint could change. They may stand by until he is in his grave, at that point unwind his fantasy with the more pliable men underneath him in the chain of importance of the Moslem League.

He was not going to let his meeting with death cheat him of his other meeting with history. With exceptional fortitude, with a severe and burning-through enthusiasm that sent his life’s light guttering out in a last cruel eruption of fire, Jinnah jumped for his lifetime’s objective. ‘Speed,’ Jinnah had told Mountbatten in their first conversations of India’s future, was ‘the embodiment of the agreement.’ Thus, as well, had it become the quintessence of Mohammed Ali Jinnah’s own agreement with predetermination.

The death of Jinnah back then is a true cold case and almost impossible to solve. Yet there are some legitimate and proven leads that ran cold no later than a few years back. But, no specific investigation was carried out.
Was he killed by the Prime Minister? Was he killed in a crossfire of the Hindu British string?
Nobody knows nor anyone will!
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