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Can Dogs Eat Watermelon? is it safe for puppies to?

Can Dogs Eat Watermelon

Can Dogs Eat Watermelon
Can Dogs Eat Watermelon

Can dogs eat watermelon? The short answer to this question is yes. And what could be a better treat in the hot summer days, to feed your best friend, and even have some for yourself. However, too much of any good thing can turn out to be bad for you, and bad for your little friend. And before you give this tasty treat to your friend, there are some things that you should know about.
Watermelons have a lot of benefits because they have plenty of vitamins and nutrients that will be beneficial for the health of your best friend. And they are also made up of 92% water so they can be refreshing during a hot summer day.
Before you give this tasty treat to your dog, make sure to be concerned about feeding your dog watermelon or any other human food with your vet. But also do a couple of precautions before feeding your pup a watermelon, make sure to remove the seeds, because they can cause an intestinal blockage so always make sure to remove them, it’s also a good idea to remove the rind of the watermelon because that can cause gastrointestinal upset. Here are some more things that you should about before feeding watermelon to your pup.
What Are The Benefits Of Feeding Your Dog Watermelons?
Watermelons are rich in antioxidants, potassium, vitamin C, B6, and A. It’s also packed with lycopene and high fiber. On top of that, a department of the USDA also considers watermelon to be a superfood. Even though it is 92% water which makes it highly refreshing, especially on a hot summer day, and the high nutritional value that it provides, and because watermelon is low in calories, low in sodium, and also low on fat. 
Which makes it one of the healthiest choices for your dog, and even for you.
What Are The Drawbacks Of Feeding Your Dog Watermelons?
What any type of food healthy or not is taken way more than it should be eaten, or makes up for a large portion of your dog’s diet. It will cause some health problems, watermelons should not consist of a large amount of a dog’s diet, and should only be given as a healthy treat, if your dog eats watermelon too much it will probably cause a tummy ache, along with diarrhea or other signs of gastrointestinal upset.
How Should I Start Feeding My Dog Watermelons?
Watermelons are healthy, and they would be a great addition to the snack department for your pup. But when your starting make sure to give your pup watermelons in a limited quantity, you can get guidance from your vet to make sure you start by giving the right amount, because if you give your dog too much it will upset their tummy.
Here are some safe ways to feed watermelon to your dog.

  • Try cutting the watermelon slices into chunks and feeding it to your dog that way, but do make sure to remove the seeds and rinds.
  • Try to freeze the watermelon after removing the seeds and rinds, then feed it to your dog on a hot summer day. The watermelon will remain cool and would be a great treat for your dog on a hot summer day.
  • Blind the watermelon pieces, after removing the seeds and rinds and pour them into ice cream trays, and freeze and give cube to your pup every once and a while.

What Parts Of The Watermelon Are Dangerous For My Dog?
Whenever your feed your dog watermelons, make sure to take out the seeds because they can cause a blockage in the digestive tract. Some larger dogs should have no problem swallowing the seeds, but the small ones will have problems and could cause a blockage, and it’s just overall better to not give your dog watermelon with seeds.
Also make sure to remove the rinds because they are not safe for your dog, because that part of the watermelon is firm and difficult to chew on, and dogs can swallow without properly chewing on it, and that can also cause intestinal blockage.
If your dog does eat the seeds and rinds of the watermelon, keep a close eye on him and look for signs of blockage like vomiting, constipation, lethargy, and abdominal pain. 
You should keep an eye for these signs of blockage for at least the next 24 hours after your dog has had a watermelon with seeds or rinds. If you see any of these signs make sure to contact your vet immediately.
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