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My Wife Is a Demon Queen is out this week non-stop. The exact release date is August 12, 2022. Only the official sites Naver, Webtoon, and Kakaopage, will allow fans to read the entire manga. But, the king is on the field, as is his Wife. They work to preserve what little land they have. But, the human side is as powerful as they are.

My Wife is a demon queen 32 raw:

Xiang Ye is the story’s protagonist. My Wife Is A Demon Queen. He is an Earth human who summoned to. This current world to help the former Queen of the Demon Tribe, Isabelle the Wasp, reclaim her throne.

My Wife is a demon queen: release date:

My Wife Is A Demon Queen Chapter 385 – Released this week. As a result, the Human Emperor remained untouched. By any attack Xiang launched against him in the previous chapter. To deal with the enemy, the monarch asked his Wife to leave the arena.

Here is all the information you need about the upcoming chapter. Fans can catch up on the conclusion of Xiang’s fight in the next plot. Besides to his armor’s power, he will use the newfound power of the Demon King. The triumph will undoubted land in his lap.

My Wife is a demon queen chapter 385: spoilers and expectations:

My Wife Is a Demon Queen Chapter 385 will continue the conflict between Xiang and the Human. Emperor is in line with the plot left unfinished in the previous chapter. Even after the lasers hit the man’s heart direct, it was obvious that he unharmed. The man will now continue to describe why he is not in pain.

He could have gotten his powers from a more powerful entity that is above the two of them. The full development of the events of the story will shift as a result of this discovery. The warriors fighting the men sent by the human clan will looked after by the demon queen on the opposite side.


I live my life with the demon queen. Isabella is the deuterogamist of the story. And the former Queen of the demon tribe. She betrayed by one of her servants and lost her demonic powers. He is currently hiding among humans. And learning swordsmanship and magic at the Royal Academy under Yi Bai. She is also married to Ascianus.