Drifter season 2: Everything you need to know!

If you enjoy watching the first episode of How Not to Summon a Demon Lord Season 2 and are waiting for the next episode. You should keep “Drifters” on your watch list in the meantime.

And for those already fans of Drifters, let me tell you everything you need to know about Drifters Season 2. I understand what it’s like to wait for the next season of your favorite anime.

Popularity, ratings, and remaining source of the material. All suggest that a Drifters sequel is a must. Wait for the official announcement.

This article will give you updated information. About the release date, plot, characters, and all. The facts you need to know about the upcoming season.

Total seasons of drifters:

I first got hooked on Drifters when a friend gave me a link to a manga written and illustrated by Kouta Hirano. So I was a fan of the story even before watching the anime.

Although the manga has 6 volumes and is still releasing more. Drifters only have one anime adaptation. Hoods Drifters Studio produced the anime. Twelve episodes and 3 OVAs aired from October 7, 2016, to 2018.

Drifter Season 2 release date:

Well, if you’ve seen the anime before, you can assume a hint from the last episode. Fans have assured that the series will return for another season. But no official announcement remains.

Since the first season spanned 3 volumes of the manga, there are only 3 volumes left for the second season. Thus, the source material may not be enough to produce the following season. But the good news is that the production team and author are both hard at writing more content.

How can we figure out whether there will be another season of drifters or not?

Only a few factors predict whether the series will have another season. First, the source material is an essential factor. As I mentioned before, let’s move on to the next factor.

Popularity is another factor. The IMDB rating for season 1 was 7.7/10, and according to My Anime List followers. The show rated 7.9/10 and ranked 6412. 205,365 followers rated this.

As we can see, the show was a hit among the viewers and is still in demand. It is more likely that the season will come soon.

What is the storyline of drifters?

The story began in 1600. Toyohisa Shimazu fought with his awesome sword and guarded. His troops turned back from their enemy. After a while, he injured due to the war and lost consciousness.

When he woke up, he found himself in a corridor of many doors, and Murasaki told him to choose a door. He was sudden drawn into another world. He soon found Nobunaga Oda and Yoichi Suketaka Nasu.

Toyohisa formed a group with them to help the dwarves and fight against the evil king of the continent. They find that they have called into a war against the ‘Ends,’ which includes many more vicious monsters.

Is drifter renewed for a second season?

The anime’s first season aired on October 7, 2016, and ended on December 23, 2016. A renewal for a second season announced after the first season’s conclusion. Although more than five years have passed since then, there has been no development. The announcement made at the end of the Season 1 finale. “Continued Season Two. See you again. Tokyo 20XX. Sayonara.” Now it can mean every year. Even though the show has renewed. Fans may have to wait quite a while to see their favorite masked vigilante back on screen.

Who all are parts of the main cast?

Shimazu Toyohisa:

Shimazu Toyohisa is the show’s main protagonist. This character based on a real-life character of the same name, a famous samurai warrior. Shimazu transported to a fantasy world. Where he has become part of the Drifters and determined to save the people from the mindless tyranny.

Nobunaga Oda:

Nobunaga oda is a mighty Japanese warrior. Nobunaga is also one of Shimazu’s first allies in the fantasy world. Also, he is one of the essential characters in the series.

Yoichi Suketaka Nasu:

Yoichi suketaka Nasu is such a historical samurai character. Yochi, in the show, portrayed as an effeminate 19-year-old who becomes part of the Drifters. He is a high skilled archer, a talent that often comes in handy throughout the series as he takes out a lot of enemies.

When can we expect a trailer for the second season?

Although the show’s renewal announced in 2016, development has not moved forward. But watch this space as we’ll update it as soon as something official breaks.

What is unique about drifters?

An interesting fact is that most of the main characters of this anime were famous warriors of Japan. The Warlords, archers, and many other warriors from various wars are dead in the current world. Were summoned to this world war of another dimension after their death.

So, even in the afterlife, they fought against evildoers. Even though the anime depicted brutality from humanity to dwarves or Konks. Exterminating humans, light, witty dialogues always lightened the seriousness of the situation. And the anime also had a historical background. Because it showed old Japanese warriors and culture.

Are there any spoilers about drifter’s season 2?

There are no spoilers per se for the second season. Fans who haven’t watched the first season can catch up. And if you want to learn more about anime, you can read the manga series.

What is the plot of the show?

The show’s plot follows the story of Shimazu Toyohisa. Who is from the Middle Ages but transported to a modern parallel world. When he wakes up, he finds himself in a corridor with hundreds of doors on either side. He soon discovers that his new world is full of fantastic animals and people. Along the way, Shimzau also finds many warriors to join him. Together, all these warriors discover that this modern world is full of tyrants. And determine to get rid of it and free the people.

Is a drifter a good anime?

Since the anime comes from dark fantasy and adventure fiction. It contains violence, war, and cruelty. I liked the narrative as the plot continued, like peeling an onion. The story draws you in to learn more about this afterlife with each episode.

Is the black king in drifters Jesus?

Many fans assume that the Black King, the leader of the Endings, is Jesus Christ. They think that the marks on his hands are from the crucifixion and that he has healing powers like Jesus.

Learn more about the source material:

  • Any anime fan who likes to dig his nails deep to find out. How his favorite anime came to be is the best place to look at the manga or its light novel.
  • Anime has adapted from manga throughout the ages, and this is the case with Hirano’s Drifters. Hirano Kouta is the writer and illustrator of the series.
  • Its serialization began in the Japanese Shonen Gahosha magazine. Young King Ours on April 30, 2009. A total of SIX volumes covering over 71 chapters have published not in japan but worldwide. With 9 chapters not yet in Tankobon format.
  • Kouta is notorious for delaying content or leaving it unfinished, at least in the eyes of his fans! It was also the case in the last chapter of the manga.
  • After a seven-month hiatus, the September 2020 issue of YKO released. The long-awaited 80th chapter of the manga series. Chapter 81 was recently published in the August issue of Young King Ours!

Sales and profit information for drifters season 2:

Over its lifetime, the “Drifters” manga has sold more than 1.5 million copies worldwide. From November 19, 2018, to May 19, 2019, it sold approximately 466,631 copies in Japan alone.

The manga was also in the Top 10 Kono Manga ga Sugoi! At number 7 in 2017. It was also nominated for the annual Manga Taisho Awards in 2011 and 2012.

DVDs and Blu-ray:

In 2016, a 36-minute edited version of the first and second episodes. It was a bundle of the fifth volume of the manga series.

A particular box set released in December 2016. The entire first season had some unaired footage. A collection of Nakamori’s 200-page animated sketches, a bonus disc, and a double CD OST.

In 2017, Drifters (Episodes 13 and 14 sold 5,120 copies in Japan. The 7th most popular Blu-ray disc on the Blu-ray Disc chart as of December 2017. The limited edition versions had a depiction of the outer case.

Final words:

Like thousands of fans worldwide. I am also waiting for the second season to know what happened after Lemek killed. And what Shylock would do with the rifles he received from Count Saint-Germain.

We hope that the author of the manga series will work a little faster so we can have Drifter Season 2 as soon as possible. Since I am passionate about isekai and the adventure genre, I also have some other anime on my watchlist.