What Can Dogs Eat at a Dog Christmas Dinner in 2022?

What Can Dogs Eat

Christmas dinner is one of the most awaited days of the year. What can dogs eat?? Why should a Dog Christmas Dinner be any less, some might add. Inclusive of the fact that Christmas dinner (feast) is also one of the many glorious moments of Christmas Day’s highlights.

What Can Dogs Eat
What Can Dogs Eat

Your pet canine is part of the family (so to say), and including them in the Christmas celebrations is equally vital as other family members. That goes for Christmas celebrations, now comes the feast to end all feasts, Christmas Dinner.

Can our Dogs eat a Dog Christmas Dinner?

Yes and No. As a dog owner, it is your duty to know what your dog likes to eat or not, especially when we’re discussing elements of Christmas dinner.
Christmas Dinner is no small feat, and we tend to eat a lot more than we usually do. As much care goes into making a grand Christmas feast, I think maybe more care goes into making sure the dog’s Christmas dinner is not a hazard to your dog. But it’s essential to take note of the food intake when it comes to canines. From a scientific standpoint, our metabolism can handle the sudden intake of significant calories to an extent, but for dogs, it can lead to severe over-consumption. The sudden infusion of calories is something dogs can’t handle all of a sudden. Hence vets recommend that dogs should not be partaking in Christmas Dinner.

But what if we WANT to treat our dogs to a Dog Christmas Dinner?

Can Dogs eat Christmas Dinner?
If you still want to make your dog feel as if it’s part of the festivities, you can treat them with a new toy or some fresh chow. But in terms of the elements of Christman Dinner, you should keep critical things in mind. You can feed your dog some Christmas dinner but not a whole lot. A few (maybe two) dishes will be enough, but more can cause an overdose of calories.

  • Make sure our dog doesn’t east past its comfort level.
  • Abstain from feeding your canine pudding or anything with chocolate.

What can Dogs eat at Christmas Dinner?

It’s not that you cannot feed your dog anything from Christmas Dinner. You still can feed it a few things.

Turkey Meat

Your dog can eat turkey meat (white boneless in a small amount).

Cranberry Sauce (Optional)

You can add a little bit of cranberry sauce on your dog’s turkey, but only a little as it is pure cranberry sauce with nothing more than sweetened sauces and refined starch, which is not suitable for excessive consumption terms of dogs.


Potatoes are hard to digest for your dog’s delicate metabolic system. Even though it’s only mashed, boiled potatoes, we still advise moderation on a detailed level as any potato dish is VERY starchy.

What about Eggs?

You can feed your dogs a boiled egg. But remember, one egg will still be more than enough for your dog.

What to steer clear of at Christmas Dinner?

There are also a few things you all know to be safe for your dog, but they’re not.
Here are a few things that are no less than hazardous for your dog to be eating at Christmas Dinner, let alone e having them at its dog Christmas dinner.

Turkey Bones

It’s a general concept that dogs are fond of bones, but raw bones can splinter and cause a severe choking hazard.

Chicken/Turkey Skin

The skin might look like a real treat for your dog. They will even eat it with delight. But it has way too much fat for them to ingest.


Avocados are unique for Christmas dinner, but they contain a hazardous chemical for a dog Christmas dinner.

Milk and Dairy Products

Milk and Dairy products are rich in lactose. Even though some say it’s okay to do so, it’s better to abstain as dogs can’t digest lactose regularly, and it can easily result in upset stomachs.

No to Caffeine & Booze

People who have a habit of having a strong drink or two might think their dog will enjoy it as much as they do. But that’s far from the fact that booze and caffeine can be devastating for the dog’s mental state of mind as well as the digestive state. Your dog might even come wandering near your cup or glass and help themselves to a bit too much of it. So keep all such cups and drinks out of our dog’s reach.

Christmas Decorations & the Tree Itself

Dogs have a tendency to go about sniffing and nibbling on the Christmas tree and many rubber decorations. Be sure to keep your dog away from any Christmas Greenery and all Christmas Decorations.
Conclusively, it’s better to keep your dog away from Christmas dinner in general. Suppose you can’t go on without including your canine best friend in some dog Christmas dinner festivities. In that case, it is recommended to follow the simple guide above to ensure you don’t overfeed or accidentally feed something that might not go well with your dog’s eating habits.
Happy Holidays!
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