Using Kodi on Roku TV: Is it as difficult as it looks?

Using Kodi on Roku TV

What is Roku Streaming Stick, Box?

You all wondering how to get Kodi on Roku TV. But the question is, what is this Roku? Let’s find out.
Just like a Smart TV, Roku is also a media player box that you can use to stream content whatever you like. It is gaining massive popularity because of its user-friendly system. To set up a Roku streaming box, all you need is a Roku device, TV, and a good speed internet connection.
More or less, Roku is giving Amazon Firestick a good competition, as it is much easier to navigate and select the content in Roku. If you have it, you will notice that the Roku remote has many control buttons, making access to the streaming app a matter of no time.
Roku is available in many forms, like set-top boxes, Sticks, and express that you can use to turn your simple TV into a smart one. Additionally, you can also use Roku premiere to stream 4k videos and the Pulse version to stream and record.

What is Kodi?

Recently, a new media player emerged called Kodi, which makes streaming videos much easier than before. One of the most significant advantages of this player is that Kodi is free of cost since it is an open-source project.
Moreover, Kodi is available on Windows, Linux, and iOS. Because of that, the Kodi has become a popular choice of people. Also, Kodi supports multiple Add-ons. As a Roku user, it is natural to wish to use Kodi on Roku TV. But, can you do it? Let’s find out.

Can you put Kodi on Roku TV?

Unfortunately, there is no official app of Kodi on Roku TV. Hence, if you want to install directly into the Roku stick, premiere, or others, you may fail.
However, there is one way that you can do it, to install the app on other devices and share the screen on the TV. Also, you can use an HDMI cable to attach your Kodi running device with Roku and see the content on the screen.

Why do Roku users need Kodi?

Manufacturers of Roku have implemented strict limitations on the device. According to these limitations, you can not install third-party apps in it. Also, you cannot stream any paid content for free, or it will lead to the end of your device’s warranty.
So what if you want to stream free content? The answer is simple, use Kodi to stream movies, tv shows, and live content even if paid. That makes the Roku users keenly interested in streaming the Kodi app on the Roku TV.

How to use Kodi on Roku?

You can do it via two methods.

Screen mirror from other devices

If you have the latest versions of Roku, there is an option available to cast the content on the TV screen. To enable casting,

  • Press “Home Button” on the Roku remote
  • Now, go to settings. You will see the screen mirroring option at the top if you have an updated Roku software
  • Then Enable the Screen mirroring and then select OK
  • Next Pair the device from which you are casting (PC or smartphone)
  • In PC, Go to Devices -> Project -> Add a Wireless Display -> Roku Device (as it pops up in the list)
  • For Smartphones, Go to Settings -> Connections -> Screen mirroring -> Add a device. You can find the screen mirroring options on the taskbar of the phone
  • Select the Roku device and start mirroring

Projecting from PC

This method is also simple. If you cannot screen mirror on Roku, all you need is an HDMI.

  • Connect the HDMI on the Laptop and the Roku device
  • In PC, go to Device Settings
  • Add the Roku TV from selecting the device from the pop-up list
  • Click on OK and now, see the Kodi app contents on the screen

The methods are as simple as such. Hence, without any need of jail-breaking the Roku’s terms and conditions, Enjoy the Kodi app and stream whatever you want.
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