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The Tower of God (Korean: 시시타; RR: Sin-ui Tap) sinui tap, means “Tower of God”. It is a South Korean webmanhwa written and illustrated by S.I.U (SIU). Serialized in Naver Webtoon since June 30, 2010.with individual chapters collected. And published in two volumes by Young Com since April 2020. Tower of God Manga received official English translations by LINE Webtoon in 2014. She received the mobile game and merchandise. Telecom Animation Film adapted. Tower of God into a Japanese anime television series on April 1, 2020. Tower of God has been running weekly on Naver Webtoon since 2010. An ongoing webtoon released every Sunday. And the official English version released about 14 hours later on Line Webtoons.

Synopsis: Tower of God revolves around a boy named Twenty-fifth Bam. Who has spent most of his life imprisoned under a vast and mysterious tower. With only his close friend Rachel for company. As Rachel enters the tower. Bam also manages to open the door to the tower and faces challenges on each floor. As he tries to find his closest companion. As the story progresses, the reader slow explores over 10,000 years of lore. History, and the motivations of the important characters and factions. That control or seek to change the tower’s fate. Mysteries are slow revealed as readers learn about the struggles. And triumphs of the tower’s inhabitants.

Tower of God Chapter 551 Manga Online English is a weekly manga. Or we can say Manhwa, Fans are eager waiting for the chapters. We strong recommend you to use official sources to read Tower of God. Chapter 551 manga online from manga platform. creative

Besides to the eight official Tower of God manhwa translations. Available on Naver fan translations. In 20 other languages ​​are available on the platform. From April 1st, 2020, Naver Series On will start airing an anime TV series based on the webtoon. That same evening. At 12:30 JST, April Fools’ Day in the United States was broadcast by Japanese television in Japan. Watch it in its original Japanese broadcast version on Crunchyroll.

Bam, a 25-year-old man, had never been in a long-term relationship before meeting Rachel. To achieve her goal of reaching the top of the Tower, Rachel is willing to let Bam go. After Rachel’s disappearance, Bam decides to climb the tower in hopes of finding her.

As a result, the Tower is teeming with ancient mysteries. Monstrous creatures, and sinister characters. Guardians protect those. Who are brave enough to tackle the tough difficulties on each floor.

Bam revealed to be an “Irregular”, a human who was not chosen by the Tower. But was able to join the Tower on his own, an extreme rare occurrence within the Tower itself. Regardless of the new facts, he has a clear path. All your goals will come true at the top of the Tower. Whether it’s reuniting with Rachel or securing wealth, power or fame.

Tower of god manga online

Tower of God: 10 reasons why the series is popular:

Tower of God kind of took the anime world by storm. It’s quick becoming a hit and there are plenty of reasons why.

2020’s Tower of God is the latest hit series that surprised the anime scene a little. Picked up and animated by Crunchyroll. The series does not follow the normal television tropes seen in most modern anime. The show skips high school, and while it may have a mild izakaya trope, it stands out on its own.

It attracts viewers worldwide, and many think. That the anime can become a classic once enough time has passed. Below are some reasons why the show is so fascinating to watch for fans.


One of the weirder things about this anime is that it’s easy to get. You don’t have to worry about licensing wars because it’s a Crunchyroll original. If you subscribe to Crunchy, you will have access to Tower of God. It also helps create fewer regional blocks. Because the company has an easier time licensing them so everyone can see them.

No matter where you live, this show will be easy to get and watch.

Art style:

The art style is incredible different from most modern anime. Unlike the Netflix series, it doesn’t use CG animation but uses a more monotone color palette to make it pop. It helps grab the attention of fans as they browse the catalog and draw more attention to the show. The animation is also top notch.

This unique art and fluid animation combination. Which attracts new fans looking for the next big show.

Webtoon Roots:

While not near as big as anime webtoons, this format uses a series of chapters every week. But, unlike manga chapters. They are quite short and can be quick consumed within minutes. This particular one can even found in the free WEBTOON application. That can be easy downloaded to mobile phones.

Unique character design:

Another distinctive feature of this anime is the colorful and unique character design. These designs are easy recognizable and don’t follow. The usual tropes of pretty girls and plain or over ripped men. Instead, Tower of God uses elegant figures from many different species. Including Cancer, a crocodile-like warrior.

There’s also Khun, who quick becomes a fan favorite and has ice blue hair.

Clueless Protagonist:

The main character Baam is a bit different than the rest of the class. He didn’t know about the tower and came only to find a girl named Rachel who showed him kindness. He is also erratic and at the beginning of the show. He seen avoiding a challenge and having a nice chat with one of the testers.

This curious and clueless nature helps fans rally behind him.

Unique supporting characters:

The rest of the cast is unique, like the above. There are characters like Cancer. Who are not of the human species and have incredible unique personalities. Each different character has their abilities. That help them either fail or climb the tower higher.

Additionally, each character has their reason for being there, which is slow revealed.

Tower rules:

Tower rules change as players progress. Players must do as they told to advance. From Baam fighting a scary fish to a battle royal. That helped cut down the competition significant. Each level presents new challenges to knock players out. Each challenge is different and keeps viewers engaged.

Korean based:

The most surprising thing for fans is that it is not an anime based on the Japanese source material. Instead, it manufactured by Erika Yoshida, who based in South Korea. It certain helps bring some uniqueness to the series as most Japanese. Anime use culture as a strong influence.

One can learn a lot about Japanese culture by watching anime; the same can said about reading Manhwa.


Usually dozens of anime released each season and anime. Fans will feel overwhelmed with all the options. As a result, many great shows go unnoticed or don’t reach the heights of great anime classics. But, many series have unfortunately postponed. This season due to the ongoing global health crisis.

Tower of Gods is one of the few shows that escaped postponement and stands out more for fans looking for new anime.

Easy goods:

Another fun part of watching anime. Which is being able to buy merchandise from your favorite characters. Tower of God has character designs. That will be easy to trade and can easy made into keychains or figurines. The figures look good and won’t stand out. When sold alongside other shows at anime conventions.

Lots of anime fans love to collect and this show will not disappoint.

The difference between The Anime and The Manhwa:

Although the adaptation goes to great lengths to be faithful to its source material. Some things aren’t as easy adapted as others.

The Tower of God anime adaptation is an almost perfect replica of the manhwa. The colorful characters, environments and objects. That have been filling the screens of webtoon readers since 2014 finally made it to the TV screen in 2020. The new anime manages to adapt the plot of Tower of God. Step by step without losing what makes the original so exciting.

Although the adaptation goes to great lengths to be faithful to its source material. Some things are not as easy adapted as others.

Final words:

The South Korean webcomic Tower of God created by Lee Jong-hui. Best known under the pseudonym SIU (Slave. In. Utero). It launched in 2010 as Talse Uzer’s first story. Naver and Line Webtoon currently offer it for free. As of February 2020, Tower of God has viewed by more than 4.5 billion people.