How to write a resignation letter like a pro in 2022

resignation letter

Switching a workplace with a positive note and writing a resignation letter is always important. You may be leaving due to your family commitments, or this job may not be covering your expenses. Yet you have to end it up in a professional way. Besides, you will never want your reference calls to make a poor impression in front of your new employer.
In this article, you will see how to write a piece of resignation letter with samples. 

What is a resignation letter?

A resignation letter is a professional notification that you give to your manager or HR. Moreover, it announces that you are leaving the company, with or without stating a reason.
Remember to discuss your resignation with the manager or any senior beforehand. That way, you will get to know the procedure your company follows for resignation and with whom to communicate.

Why is a resignation letter important?

While working in an organization, resigning from your position is a crucial step. Since HR has to find someone competent as you and assign your duties to him or her. Therefore, you cannot leave your job without prior notice, as it is not professional. Even some organizations sign a legal document describing the resignation notice period.
Hence, resignation letters are important to document your last date of work. In addition, the company might use it to clear up the dues and resolve other legal matters with you.

What to include in the resignation letter?

Things that you should include in a resignation letter are

  • Resignation statement from the company
  • Your last day in the workplace
  • A gratitude note to your employer
  • Approach for winding up
  • Contact Information

Resignation statement
Your resignation letter should clearly state that you are intending to resign from a job. Usually, it is the first line of your letter to make the subject of the letter clear to the recipient.
For example:
Please accept this letter as my formal resignation from the position ABC in your company.
Please accept my resignation effective from [your last day at the company].
Last day at work
As this letter is a formal notice that you are about to leave the company, it should answer the question “When?”
For example;
Please accept my resignation effective from [your last day at the company]. 
My last day in this position will be 2023.
Stating the date will help HR enter the correct information in their records. Not only this, but also it will help in easing your remaining dues clearance process.
Gratitude statement to your employer
Although you might have some bad experience on your current job, or you may not be in love with it. Yet you have learned how to manage pressure and workloads here.
So, it is always better to end things in a good way with your current employer. You can do it with a simple “It was a pleasure working with you”. Furthermore, you can write up some of the best memories you had at your current workplace. 
For Example
I found some of the best mentors of my life at your office. One of the favorite memories I had of my career was to work on the XYZ project. It made me learn which my degree could not. 
You can also add a “best wishes” sentence so that you can have a good relation with your boss in the future as well.
Approach to wind up your business
In the end, you will state how you are going to wind up all your work at the job. Here, you can offer them to train the person that is coming to replace you. It will make your image as a professional person who cares about the work even if he is leaving in a day.
For Example
In the last few days of my job, it is my biggest concern not to disturb the company’s smooth functioning. Hence, I would like to help the recruit to understand what the role demands. For that, I will also make sure that I have completed the assigned task so my successor doesn’t have an extra burden. 
Contact information
Add up your contact information as well in the end so that HR can stay in touch with you through the whole process. 
For Example
Add it in the closing of your letter or email like
Maxwell Colon
You can contact me anytime at or wing me up on 999-820-8390.
Resignation letter template
Below is the general template of the resignation letter or email that you can send to the supervisor.
[Supervisor’s Information]
Dear [Supervisor Name]
Please accept this letter as a notice of resignation from the position of UX/UI Designer at [Company Name]. The resignation will be effective from October 1, 2020. 
I had a great experience working with your company. Especially the fact that I was given complete authority over my designs helped me boost my creativity in unimaginable ways. Your company was a place to grow and learn for every newbie like me. I wish you all the success in your upcoming projects.
In the last days of my employment, I would like to help in the transition of my duties to the recruit. That way, I can train the person for a few days and make them understand their duties in this role. 
If you need to contact me for any reason, you can email me at or call me on 999-820-839.
Thank you for leading me to the learning opportunities that I had at your company. 
Again, wishing you all the best!
Maxwell Colon
Resignation letters with a reason
It is not necessary to include a reason for your resignation. Simply inform them of the end date. 
But if you think it is a good option, try using the following ideas
Resignation for a better position
I am writing this [letter or email] to inform you that I have got a joining call in the LMN company for the [better position]. It can help me move forward in my career and is way too exciting for me to say no. 
Hence, please accept the letter as my formal resignation from your company, effective from September 9, 2021.
I am grateful for having an opportunity to work with such a talented team. I will always cherish my time here.
Resignation for moving out of the city
“Please accept the note as my formal resignation from the position XYZ. My last working day at your place will be after two weeks from July 7, 2021. 
Since I am moving out of the city to Hawaii, it is difficult for me to keep working at this company There, I have my family with whom I will love to stay and explore more opportunities.
I am grateful for having an opportunity to work in a growing environment. I will always cherish my time here.”
Resignation for change in career
I am writing this [letter or email] to inform you that I have got a joining call in the LMN Company for a different career. Although I love to work with you, I am now interested to shift my energy towards something new. 
Hence, please accept this letter as my resignation from the company, effective from March 19, 2019.
I am grateful for having a supportive team with whom I will always cherish my time.”
Resignation for family reasons
“As you know, my delivery is due on June 3, 2019, I will have to get maternity leave. After careful consideration, I realized that it is best that I stay at home for some time for our child’s health. 
So, please accept the letter as my formal resignation from your company, effective from June 1, 2019.
I am thankful for having an opportunity to work, learn and grow. I will always cherish my time here.” 
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Tips to write a great resignation letter

Follow these simple tips to write up a professional resignation letter

  1. Keep it simple-you are not required to narrate a full explanation for this decision. Even if you want it, you can talk to your manager in a private setting.
  2. Make a positive impression regardless of what your reason is for leaving your job. In the end, you will come to your current employer for your character certificate.
  3. Plan and gather the information of the resignation process as much as you can. It is so that you are clear about what to write.
  4. Talk to your manager as he can give you the best advice on how to take your next steps. 

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