How Tight Should a Collar for your dog be? steps select the perfect Collar for your Dog

collar for your dogs

Just like human beings, dogs are living creatures too. They need proper care and accessories to live a healthy and enjoyable pet life. The comfort of your dog will give you the utmost pleasure that you wish to get from your pet.
Out of all the necessities, a dog’s collar is that one dog accessory that should be given extra attention. They come in different shapes, sizes, styles, and fashions. Selecting a proper dog’s collar for your dog can be tricky. But how tight should a dog’s collar be, shouldn’t it?

What is a dog collar?

dog collar
Collar for your dog

A dog’s collar is a piece of strap or band that is put around the dog’s neck for the purpose of identity and their lead. It is the main source of identification for dog owners. it gives more control to the owner. And it is even used as a fashion style for the dog.

Why collar is necessary for your dog?

The collar is necessary for your dog for many purposes. Such as:

  • It gives you control of your dog without the use of the dog’s harness
  • It helps you to lead your dog without any difficulty.
  • The dog’s collar keeps up the style game of your dog.
  • It serves as the basic identity of your dog.
  • Basic medical information about your dog can be placed on it.
  • Provides safety and protection for your dog’s body.

Different functions of dog’s collar?

  • A dog collar can serve various functions in a dog’s as well as the owner’s life. For example:
  • It can provide I.D tags and residential information in case of loss or missing.
  • The dog’s collar can provide basic medical information regarding the pet to people other than owners.
  • The collars can help you to train your pet perfectly regarding any serious consequences.
  • It can help you to control your pet by using a leash when going outside of the home.

There are numerous dog collar sizes to choose from in the market. it is a great task to find a properly fitting collar.

How many varieties of dog collars are there?

The dog collars can be divided into two categories:

  1. Basic dog collars
  2. Special purpose dog collars

The basic purpose collars are the everyday use collars and they can be further classified into two types:
Buckle dog collars:
Also known as flat collars are the most common type of dog collars. It has a loop to tie the leash and is mostly adjustable according to your dog’s neck.
The collar for your dog should be comfortably tight around the dog’s neck and must not fit completely to choke your dog’s breath.
Break-away dog collars:
They Are the same as buckle collars but come with a safety mechanism. They can allow the dog’s neck to be collar-free in case of strangulation. The special-purpose collars are those which come with a special function along with identity and medical information tags. They are of various types, such as;
Stud dog collars:
They are better known as protection collars or spiked collars as they contain spikes around them. These types of collars protect your pet from the bite of any other dangerous animal.
Reflective dog collars:
Made of nylon with reflective taping. The main purpose of these types of collars is to make sure that your pet can be seen at night by vehicles or humans.
Medical dog collars:
They are usually supplemental collars worn with buckle collars to protect dogs from scratching wounds around their head or neck.
Fashion dog collars:
These types of collars make your dog look stylish and up to date with fashion. It showcases the class of the dog’s owner and the dog’s breed.
Training dog collars:
These types of collars are mostly used for special purpose dogs like in force to help train them according to the need and requirements of the job.
There are various things to consider while selecting a perfect collar for your dogs. Either you want any special purpose from the collar or are you just getting it because it is needed.
Before buying any collar for dog treats, be clear to buy it. It will not only help you to select the best perfect collar, but it will also help you to choose the perfect one for your furry friend.

How to find a new collar for your dog?

collar for your dog
Finding the right fit for your dog is not an easy job especially when you are looking for it online. You must have basic information regarding the collars before getting them. If you want to replace the old one with the new collar, then check the fit of the old one.
The dog collar should be cozy, it should not be tight. Remember the two-finger rule for it. Put your two fingers inside the dog collar, if they are comfortably fitting without any extra space then it’s the perfect fitting collar. Take out the old collar and measure it with soft measuring tape to get the exact measurements for your dog neck size. But if you are looking for something from a scratch, and your dog is without any collar then it’s a little tricky task for you.
Let me give you a tip, to get a better idea of measuring in this kind of situation. Take a strap of metal, nylon, or any cloth and wrap it around your pup’s neck. Make sure you do not fit it too tight and remember the two-finger rule.
After wrapping around the dog neck, check the fitness with the index and middle fingers slide. If they are snugging comfortably in it, you are good to go for the measurement.  You can place those measurements in the descriptions of your selected item to get a proper fit for your dog neck.

How tight should a collar for your dog be?

A normal dog collar should be comfortably tight. It is one of the most important dog care to consider. It should not be too tight to leave your dog breathless and must not be too loose that your dog can easily slip from it.
There is a rule for fitting a dog collar, a rule called the “two-finger rule”. This rule is followed almost everywhere and is most suitable in selecting the right fitness for dog neck. The two-finger rule gives you the answer to the question, how tight should a dog collar be?

Why it is necessary to find a perfect fit collar for your dog’s neck?

It is as necessary to find a perfect collar’s fit as it is to find the right collar. Firstly you should not avoid a dog collar except for the proper veterinary advice. there are very extreme cases in which the collar is avoided.

The collar will not only be good for your dog but also will be beneficial for you as well. Secondly, the collar should have enough room for breathing. A perfect-fitting collar will enhance your dog’s personality and also help you in the identification of your puppy when lost.
A dog should feel snug in its collar. It should not be a hindrance to the dog’s airways and should be bought by keeping the neck circumference and finger rule in consideration. You should regularly check the collar fitness and simply adjust according to the dog’s head and body.

What problems can occur due to an ill-fitted dog’s collar?

Several problems can occur due to ill-fitted collars and some can become life-threatening as well.

If the collar for your dog is too loose

If your dog collar is too loose that it can easily slip its head off from it then it can cause the following problems

Loose dog:

  • your dog can easily run away with a loose collar and will be difficult to identify. It is a very risky situation for all dog owners because when a dog runs, it is difficult to catch.

Leg injuries or mouth injuries:

  • having a loose collar will let your pup stick their paws or jaw in the extra space of the dog collar. It is a dangerous situation as it can cause leg injuries and mouth injuries.

Irritation of the skin:

  • skin irritation can occur by freely rubbing the collar around the neck being too loose.

If the collar for your dog is too tight

If the dog collar is too tight it will let your dog uncomfortable and can even cause breathlessness to your dog. The following situation can occur due to the collar being too tight:


  • too tight collars will leave your dog choking and can cause breathlessness. It can be a serious consequence of the tight collar if not dealt with on time

Irritation of the skin:

  • too tight a collar can rub around the neck along with its buckle and can become a source of skin irritation.

Trachea injuries:

  • trachea injuries can occur when the dog himself tries to get relief from the tight collars.

Moving the head and neck vigorously to release the collar pressure can become a source of neck injury or can even damage the trachea.

Some tips to get a perfect fit collar for your dog’s neck

Remember dog’s collar has four basic functions:

  • Identification
  • Protection
  • Control
  • Style

Try considering the breed and purpose for which you are looking collar for. There are multiple varieties available in the market. Finding the perfect type is as important as finding the perfect fit.


The collar for your dog must be selected by considering the following factors:

  • Neck circumference of the dog
  • Dog’s weight
  • Dog’s size

Make sure of the following points to get a perfectly fitted collar for your dog:

  • It should not be tight enough to cause choking.
  • It should not be loose enough that your dog can easily slide out from it.
  • It should be made of quality material that does not cause any harm or allergy to your dog.
  • Your dog can easily move his head around the neck while wearing a collar.
  • The collar should not be because of skin irritation or any discomfort for the dog.
  • The dog should not feel trapped in it, measure your dog’s neck correctly.
  • Do not forget the two-finger rule while buying dog collars.

Remembering these points will help you to find the best collar for your dog. However, every dog will try to slip out of the collar when it is fitted initially. But it is your duty as a dog owner to keep a regular check on your dog’s comfort and your purpose of buying the perfect collar for your dogs. I hope you should have got your answer by now of how tight should a dog collar be. for more visit our pet section
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