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Illustrator is one of the best tools for vector graphics.

Illustrator is one of the best tools for vector graphics. Vector graphic files are resolution independent, meaning that they can be scaled up or down without losing any quality. This means that you can create larger designs without having to worry about cropping or distorting your artwork!

Vector graphics also have a lot more detail than raster images, which makes them easier to edit and print at different sizes without losing any details in the process. Once you’ve created your final product using Illustrator, share it with others by using its built-in social media sharing features (or save it as an EPS file). If you need help getting started with Adobe Illustrator CC 2019 then check out our guide: [How To Use Adobe Illustrator CC 2019](https://www2devnulla1l0qui9e8u-enl0qui9eitsshuzjyuf8xvbgrfoog7hnpml9q3nj8zkdgkvfyi4o52wzo2s8zg4tpxvuycq9ynq3jfymtfzomdg6o4huxapjsjrmddns4tmxmcmxcvohcsyebmrecuhmcopycfm)

Just go to file> open.

  • Open the file you want to convert.
  • Go to File > Open, and select it from your computer’s hard drive or network location where you saved the file (for example, if you’ve downloaded a PNG image from another website, double-click on it).
  • Click Open in Vector Graphics Editor window will appear and show up as shown below:

Select the file and click on the open button

Once you have selected the file and clicked on the open button, Illustrator will appear in front of you. Now it’s time to choose “Create a new document”.

Now go to the menu bar and select “New” > then select “Ellipse”. This will create a shape that looks like an ellipse in your drawing area (the black part is what we call as canvas). If not, go back and follow these steps again until it appears as shown below:

Select Save As from File menu or press Ctrl + S key combination then click on Current Document tab at top left corner where there is an icon which looks like paper with scribble lines coming out of bottom edge of image window; now click on Save As button located next to this option icon; choose JPEG format from Save As Type dropdown listbox rather than saving current file as png format which might not work well with other software such as Gimp or Photoshop etc., depending upon their version numbers respectively!

this is how you convert png to vector graphics

You can convert your png files to vector graphics in Illustrator. To do this, open the file in Illustrator and choose “Save As” from the File menu. In the dialog box that appears next to “Save As,” select SVG as your format and click “Save.” The file will then open in Illustrator where you can edit it as much as you want before converting it back into a PNG using File > Export > PNG-24 (or whatever resolution size).